Faker reportedly turned down mutli-million dollar LCS contracts

The legendary T1 player Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was reportedly offered - and refused - multiple million-dollar contracts from various LCS organisations.

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok rejects multi-million dollar LCS offers

Faker, arguably the most famous League of Legends player on the scene, has become synonymous with his home team T1. And for good reason too - he has spent his entire career with the organisation, dating back to 2013 with his time on the SK Telecom T1 K roster.

And he has more than earned his reputation as a legendary player during his time on T1, with multiple MSI and Worlds victories under his belt - and just recently ranked in second place at the 2022 Worlds.

With an incredible record like that, it's perhaps not a surprise that other organisations would be eager to tempt him away from T1. But it seems that the player isn't so easily bought.

That's according to a report from blix.gg, who claims that following T1's defeat at the Worlds 2022 Grand Final, Faker began listening to offers to join rival teams from all over the world.

He proved predictably popular, with organisations from China and the LCS both offering him lucrative contracts to join their teams. According to blix, Faker fielded offers from the likes of LNG Esports, Weibo Gaming, Team Liquid and FlyQuest.

And reportedly, some of the offers Faker received from North American organisations proved particularly tempting - with the player considering some of the offers right up to the last moment.

And it's no surprise, given the amount of money being offered to the legendary player. According to Blix's sources, FlyQuest offered Faker a contract where he would be paid an annual salary of between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000, plus bonuses. If those figures weren't eye-catching enough, Blix also reports that Team Liquid's offer was reportedly even higher than that.

The player was reportedly interested in signing with Team Liquid for some time, as the organisation was building a Korean-speaking roster at the time.

Faker ultimately chose to sign with T1, however, who had themselves reportedly been considering a replacement for the player during the off-season. However, he ultimately re-signed with his organisation in late 2022, for a similar sum as to what was offered by Team Liquid.

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