Faker renews his contract with T1

Lee Sang-hyeok, the Unkillable Demon King known as Faker has signed a new contract with T1, putting an end to the debates over free agency.

Faker is also a part owner of T1, and a huge part of their legacy. Over the years, his role in the roster evolved from being the super carry mid laner to being the maestro of the team, helping four rookies around him.

If you are new to the scene, you might wonder why Faker is such a legend. Here’s the story.

If you make any kind of “dodge” while playing League of Legends, you are faking it so you’re a “Faker”. If you make a good play and trick the enemy, this is the way. His legacy is respected all around the world, and he is no doubt the most famous and beloved League of Legends player of all time.

Although you know him today as T1’s captain in the mid lane, the foundations of his legacy were building back even when he was a rookie.

Faker’s legacy in Korea

The play you see above — a clip you must have probably seen at least a hundred times if you are a LoL esports fan for a long time — was a rookie putting the mid laner of the “second best team in the world”, KT Rolster, to shame. Faker started high on his rookie year, and he won his first World Championship. The Korean hype train was just starting.

After a bad Season 4 where T1 missed everything, even though that was only his second professional year, Faker kept carrying SKT T1 to glory.

In 2015, he took some help from MaRin and in 2016 he also took help from all his teammates. Faker always found a way to win. That changed after they lost to SSG in the Worlds 2017 finals. Faker lost his throne after that unforgettable scene.

An unstable performance in 2018 followed the infamous “Faker crying”. In 2019, T1 took the “Best team in Korea” title back, but it wasn’t enough. They were eliminated by Europe’s G2 Esports at MSI, and the same loop repeated at Worlds 2019. Not only behind LPL, LCK was behind LEC too.

However, Faker’s legacy wasn’t affected by any of that, even when DAMWON took over Korea in 2020 and they looked like they couldn’t make it to worlds in LCK 2021 Summer. When they were eliminated by the same DWG KIA in the Worlds 2021 semifinals, Faker was supported and loved by his fans no matter what, and he always found a way to come back with his legacy intact.

Aside from the competitive arena, Faker is also known for being the “perfect idol” for teens that aspire to be. He protects his public image: He always smiles and shows he is a man of fair-play, respecting his teammates and enemies alike. He takes his proteges under his wing every single year as T1 plans to make new stars out of these young players. Faker is the ultimate idol, and although he is definitely not the best player in the world today, he is undoubtedly the GOAT.

At least one more year with T1 and a record high salary

Of course, after seeing years of Faker’s legacy with ups and downs, finding out his contract was ending in 2021 wasn’t easy for Faker or T1 fans. Debates were made over his next stop. When the free agency started, T1 hadn’t announce anything, raising even more concerns. However, Faker re-signed in style.

Faker’s new contract is a 1+1 year-long, according to Naver. It was also reported by Korean sources that after a 1.9 million dollars raise from last year’s contract, Faker’s new salary is 7.1 million dollars, a record high for a League of Legends player.

In esports, we see salaries getting higher and higher just like traditional sports. However, if anyone deserves such a raise, it’s definitely Faker.

In 972 games, Faker has accumulated a 66,9% win rate throughout his career. If you want to find Faker’s matches and bet on them, you can visit Luckbox’s League of Legends matches page when the 2022 season of LoL starts.


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