An open letter to TOs: We've had enough chicken, thanks

Dear Tournament Organisers,

We know it’s hard to get attention, we really do. Sometimes you have all these amazing ideas, and nobody seems to care, but that’s alright. Good things come to those who wait, and make sure they’ve done it right, but good things are not the same as predictions made by a chicken, and we think maybe you’ve got the two confused.

Picture the scene, if you will. Many fans of CSGO, maybe millions, are tuned in to watch a crucial game, and we’re seconds away from clic-koff. SPUNJ gave his prediction, even MACHINE did for some reason, and just as you’re gearing up to see s1mple pop heads left and right, we cut to a farmyard animal choosing which bowl of food to eat from.

Now, you might argue that we’ve seen previous events do this sort of thing, be that with Paul the Octopus or one of his many predecessors, but rarely has it been a part of the main broadcast itself, inserted between the veto and the first round. We also understand that FACEIT are trying to make themselves seem likable again, having spent the last few weeks scrambling around like a drunk giant trying to catch a ping pong ball.

But please, stop putting the chicken front and centre. It was vaguely amusing the first time, but at the point the joke has worn thin, and the ‘zany’ tone you’re trying to convey has become less appropriate with the seriousness of the event increasing.

Even Bardolph and DDK are starting to sound a bit tired and repetitive, which isn’t surprising when you consider the latter had to dig deep into his bag of fillers early in the event, coming up with such gems as "types of interference you can have while streaming" and other such gripping stuff.

It’s too late at this point to change and we are sure cutting to a screen of BBQ wings instead of the prediction coop would offend too many people to be a viable joke, but if Valve call again, please consider this change. Maybe add another member to the talent pool, or just buy in some writers for the Pala skits, but whatever you do, please, no more chickens.

Yours faithfully,
The Luckbox team


Ropz agrees, btw