Eye of the DRX: Zest career analysis

DRX was the winner of VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers. By winning the tournament, they will attend the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík and they will push their chance to go further.

In the tournament, Korean player Zest collected all the attention thanks to his incredible performance by playing mostly Sova and other heroes. Here is a brief look at Zest’s esports career.

First years of esports: CS:GO

You may know Zest as a new VALORANT player but he has a pretty long past in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Starting in 2017, he was part of several teams until he joined the GOSU, which he has known for his times he spent there.

Also known as “SeokE”, he joined the GOSU on March 1, 2018. Attending lots of tournaments there, he was in the limelight at the SEA Fire Championship 2018. He helped his team to get two wins in Group B by playing with a 1.28 rate over 2.00. Also, he got 52 kills in total just at the group stage.

GOSU matched with Ignis in the Semifinals. Even though GOSU lost 2-1 in the Bo3 match, Zest gave a huge support for the team by playing with 54-47 K-D and getting a 1.07 rating.

Zest took part in the Asian Development League 2018 as a part of GOSU too. The team completed the tournament in fourth place and won $2,702.50. The team played eleven matches in total and won nine of them. Losing against CyberZen in Upper Bracket Round 1, Zest’s performance was not that great compared to his other matches.

Later, he joined the Asia Minor Championship - Katowice 2019 as his last tournament in his CS:GO career. Giving a long break to esports, his VALORANT career started when he became a part of the Vision Strikers, the formal name of DRX.


His first big step on VALORANT as a part of Vision Strikers was AfreecaTV Asia Showdown. Two matches in total, Vision Strikers firstly won against Team SMG in the Semifinals and Absolute JUPITER in the Grand Final. Mostly playing with Sova in the tournament, Zest played with a 1.22 rating over 5.

Vision Strikers also took part in the Epulze Royal SEA Cup. This tournament was a perfect one for Zest since his performance was on top in nearly every match he played. In their group match against Resurgence, Zest played with a 17/6/6 KDA and got 2.8 rating.

Vision Strikers was able to go to VALORANT Champions 2021 last year. Till that tournament, they performed pretty well by winning nearly every stage in their region to go for VCT. Of course, Zest’s participation on these successes was unquestionable.

On VCT 2021 Korea Stage 1 Challengers 1, Vision Strikers played against Gehenna in the group stages as their first match. Even though Zest was playing with Sage, he helped his team by getting 20 kills and 9 assists. This gave Zest an acceptable 2.2 overall on a 13-5 win.

Vision Strikers changed its name to DRX in 2022. The highest rated match on Zest’s career happened on VCT 2022: Korea Stage 1 Challengers DRX match against Desperado, which was 13-0. In this match, Zest chose Sova as agent and got 14 kills and 10 assists. This performance created 4.7 overall for the Korean player.

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