Ex-MAD Lions win REPUBLEAGUE Season 3

REPUBLEAGUE Season 3, where 16 teams competed glamorously, has come to an end. Facing Fnatic in the final, ex-MAD Lions won the €70,000 grand prize as the champions of the tournament.

Let's take a look at ex-MAD Lions and Fnatic's performances on their way to the finals.

Ex-MAD Lions' journey from lower bracket to grand final

ex-MAD Lions lost to Bad News Eagles in their first match of the tournament, falling to lower bracket round 2. Here they encountered K23. Knowing how to win both of the contested games, ex-MAD Lions advanced to the lower bracket round 3.

In lower bracket round 3, they defeated Eternal Fire with a comfortable score of 16-5 on the first map, Mirage. Eternal Fire, on the other hand, evened the score with their victory on Nuke, but the victory on Inferno promoted ex-MAD Lions from Group A to the playoffs.


In the first match of the playoffs, ex-MAD Lions' opponent was MOUZ NXT, who lost to Fnatic. They won both maps 16-10 and advanced to the semifinals.

In the semifinals, ECSTATIC, winner of Group A, faced ex-MAD Lions. ECSTATIC won the first match without difficulty. However, ex-MAD Lions won two maps in a row and advanced to the grand final.

Fnatic's journey to the grand final

Fnatic eliminated Into The Breach 2-0 in their first match in Group B. They also won 2-1 against rivals SINNERS Esports in upper bracket round 2, advancing to upper bracket round 3. Even though MOUZ NXT started off great, they could not resist Fnatic's comeback. Therefore, Fnatic advanced to the playoffs.

Participating in the semi-finals due to being the group winner, Fnatic's opponent was Bad News Eagles, who eliminated forZe 2-1 in the quarterfinals. For Fnatic, the semifinals was not too difficult. They defeated their opponents with the scores of 16-8 and 16-12 and advanced to the grand final.


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REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 grand final

The first map in the grand final was the Mirage. There was an amazing fight. ex-MAD Lions won in the overtime with a score of 19-16. On Nuke, Fnatic beat 16-10 to equalize the series.

The map that determined the champion was Ancient. ex-MAD Lions played great on this map and won 16-8 to become the champion of REPUBLAGUE Season 3.

Good news for Bad News fans in the third place match

Yes, if you are a Bad News Eagles fan and missed your team's last game, we have good news for you. After losing 2-0 to Fnatic, Bad News Eagles, who played for the third place, won 2-0 against ECSTATIC and became the third in REPUBLAGUE Season 3.

Prize pool

Place EUR Team
1st $70,000 ex-MAD Lions
2nd $30,000 Fnatic
3rd $15,000 Bad News Eagles
4th $5,000 ECSTATIC
5th-6th - MOUZ NXT
7th-8th Eternal Fire
9th-12th K23
Team Finest
13th-16th 1win
Into The Breach
Imperial Esports


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