Evil Geniuses wins DPC NA Tour 2 Division I

The DPC NA Tour 2 Division I has come to an end. Evil Geniuses won the tiebreakers of the tournament, where three teams shared the first place.

Let's take a look at what happened last week and tiebreakers together.

DPC North America Tour 2 Division I Week 6 results

  • Wildcard Gaming W - FF simply TOOBASED
  • Quincy Crew 2 - 1 TSM
  • Evil Geniuses 2 -0 Team DogChamp

Simply TOOBASED forfeited against Wildcard Gaming. With Quincy Crew's win over TSM, Quincy Crew, TSM and Evil Geniuses played tiebreaker matches for 1st-3rd place.

1st-3rd place Tiebreaker matches

  • Quincy Crew 0 - 1 Evil Geniuses
  • Quincy Crew 0 - 1 TSM
  • Evil Geniuses 1 - 0 TSM

Evil Geniuses performed quite well in the tiebreakers, especially in the last match, they won in a short span of time against TSM and got first place at DPC North America Tour 2 Division I.

DPC North America Tour 2 Division I prize pool

Place Team USD Seed DPC Points
1st Evil Geniuses $30,000 Stockholm Major - Division I 400
2nd TSM $28,000 Stockholm Major - Division I 240
3rd Quincy Crew $27,000 Division I 160
4th Wildcard Gaming $26,000 Division I 80
5th 4 Zoomers $25,000 Division I 40
6th The Cut $24,000 Division I -
7th Team DogChamp $23,000 Division II -
8th simply TOOBASED $22,000 Division II -


Credit: ESL Dota 2

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