Evil Geniuses combines its Black and White rosters

Evil Geniuses has made a radical overhaul of its CS:GO division, most notably by combining the Evil Geniuses Black and Evil Geniuses White rosters.

Evil Geniuses overhauls its CS:GO division

The organisation made the announcement via Twitter, in which it conceded that "the performance of our CS:GO team has been a miss for EG, our fans and our pursuit at building up North American Counter-Strike."

Evil Geniuses have indeed been clearly struggling in recent months - having just recently failed to qualify for the BLAST.tv Paris Major. The main Evil Geniuses team has been making some roster changes recently in the hopes of reversing their fortunes, and is reportedly due to sign Ismail "refrezh" Ali in the near future.

As well as the roster changes, Evil Geniuses is shrinking its CS:GO divison by combining Evil Geniuses White and Black, meaning that it will have just ten players across its main and academy rosters.

"We've learned a lot in the last ten months about how we want to support our academy program and are refocusing our efforts on the top ten players from our current 15-person roster," said Evil Geniuses.

This means that five players are due to be dropped by Evil Geniuses. According to a report from Dust2.us, Evil Geniuses White has effectively been shuttered, with its entire lineup due to leave the organisation. Evil Geniuses White's lineup consists of Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue, Ben "ben1337" Smith, Jonathan "Jonji" Carey, Wesley "viz" Harris and Khizar "Momo" Rehman. According to Dust2.us, Evil Geniuses White's coach Joeseph "Muenster" Lima is due to stay with the organisation.

Evil Geniuses Black hasn't emerged unscathed either. According to the Dust2.us report, there are indications that Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz could also soon leave the organisation. He is reportedly due to be placed by Jadan “HexT” Postma, who will leave the main Evil Geniuses team in order to make room for refrezh.

The organisation also added that its players are "focused on bridging their communication and individual performance gap between match environments." Specifically, this means that Evil Geniuses intends to participate in more tournaments throughout the year in order to make up for missing out on the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

And so we could be due to see a lot more of Evil Geniuses in the months ahead. You'll be able to see how the overhaul of its CS:GO division works out by following along with our handy upcoming Counter-Strike match schedule. And if you want to get the most out of your CS:GO bets, remember to sign up to claim your free 100% bonus!