DPC NA Week 2 begins: Schedule and betting odds

The DPC NA Tour 2 kicked off on March 15. Playing two matches in the first week, EG started the tournament quite well.

What happened in the first week, and the schedule and betting odds of the second week's matches are in our article.

DPC NA Week 1

Overall, the first week of Dota Pro Circuit North America Tour 2 Division I went as expected. Evil Geniuses won both matches in the first week and took the leadership seat. Despite falling behind in the first game against The Cut, they made a comeback and won.

Quincy Crew 2 - 0 Wildcard Gaming
4 Zoomers 2 - 1 simply TOOBASED
Evil Geniuses 2 - 1 The Cut
TSM 2 - 0 Team DogChamp
Evil Geniuses 2 - 0 Wildcard Gaming

Credit: ESL

DPC NA Week 2

Quincy Crew - 4 Zoomers (March 22 - 21:00 CET)

Both Quincy Crew and 4 Zoomers started well into DPC North America. The favourite of this match is Quincy Crew and if we don't see any big surprises, they will be the winner.

TSM - simply TOOBASED (March 23 - 21:00 CET)

TSM is the clear favourite against simply TOOBASED. They are far superior to their competitors in terms of roster quality and current performance.

The Cut - Team DogChamp (March 24 - 00:00 CET)

Both Team DogChamp and The Cut were defeated in their first-week match at DPC NA. In the match between the two teams, The Cut seem to be the favourites.

Evil Geniuses - simply TOOBASED (March 26 - 21:00 CET)

Evil Geniuses will face simply TOOBASED. Evil Geniuses are expected to win this match smoothly.

Quincy Crew - Team DogChamp (March 27 - 00:00 CET)

Quincy Crew has been drawing attention with their recent performances. Against Team DogChamp, they seem to be absolute favourites.

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