Everything you need to know about The International 11

The International 11 will be with us very soon. We wanted to share a lot of important information with you before the great competition on the road to Aegis of the Immortal.

Today, we have compiled everything you need to know before The International 11 starts in our article.

Where will The International 11 be held?

The International tournaments return to Asia for the second time. The International 11 will be held in Singapore.

For the first time, an International will be played at two different venues. Teams will compete at SunTec Singapore for the Playoffs and at Singapore Indoor Stadium for the Finals.

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The International 11 format

The 12 teams in The International 11 were determined as a result of the Dota Pro Circuit. The 12 best performing teams throughout the season qualified directly for The International 11.

Six teams, on the other hand, won the The International 11 ticket as the winner of their region in the regional qualifiers. These regions were North America, South America, Western Europe, Easter Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

The final two teams will be determined by the currently playing Last Chance Qualifier. Teams that finished second and third in their region's qualifiers compete in the Last Chance Qualifier.

In the group stage, 20 teams will be divided into two groups of ten. As a result of the matches played in the single round-robin, the teams finishing in the top four places in the groups will be promoted in the upper bracket of the main event.

Teams in the 5th-8th place will be included in the main event from the lower bracket. The remaining teams will bid farewell early to this magnificent rivalry on the road to the Aegis.

In the main event, sixteen teams will face each other in a double-elimination bracket format. The matches will be Bo3.

Important dates of The International 11

The final two teams to participate in The International 11 will be determined when the Last Chance Qualifier ends on October 12.

Then on October 15, The International 11 itself will start with the group stage, which will continue until October 18.

The main event, the playoffs, will begin on October 20. The amazing competition of 16 teams will last until October 30. On October 30, one of the top Dota 2 teams will receive both the Aegis and a huge share of the prize pool.

Current prize pool of The International 11

If you have followed the previous The Internationals or played Dota 2, you must know it. The International tournaments are by far the world's most rewarding esports events, with most of this prize pool being made up of Battle Pass purchases by Dota 2 players.

Credit: dota2.prizetrac.kr

The base prize pool for the tournament was $1,600,000. With each purchase of the Battle Pass, which is exclusive to The International 11, 25% of the players' payment is added to the prize pool. The current prize pool is $13,488,690.

Teams participating in The International 11

The International 11 features the top teams in Dota 2 throughout the DPC season. 18 of the 20 teams have been determined, and the remaining two teams will be determined by the Last Chance Qualifier.

  • PSG.LGD (Dota Pro Circuit #1)
  • OG (Dota Pro Circuit #2)
  • Team Spirit (Dota Pro Circuit #3)
  • beastcoast (Dota Pro Circuit #4)
  • Team Aster (Dota Pro Circuit #5)
  • Thunder Awaken (Dota Pro Circuit #6)
  • BOOM Esports (Dota Pro Circuit #7)
  • TSM (Dota Pro Circuit #8)
  • Tundra Esports (Dota Pro Circuit #9)
  • Gaimin Gladiators (Dota Pro Circuit #10)
  • Evil Geniuses (Dota Pro Circuit #11)
  • Fnatic (Dota Pro Circuit #12)
  • Soniqs (North America)
  • Hokori (South America)
  • Entity (Western Europe)
  • BetBoom Team (Eastern Europe)
  • Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Talon Esports (Southeast Asia
  • TBD (Last Chance Qualifier)
  • TBD (Last Chance Qualifier)

Last Chance Qualifier will determine the last two teams

In the qualifiers for The International 11, many teams were quite close to the top but missed out on qualifying for The International 11 by placing second or third in the qualifiers.

Here's one last chance for the teams that finished second and third in all regions. The Last Chance Qualifier is currently in play, and two of the most successful of the twelve teams will compete at The International 11.

Both Last Chance Qualifier and The International 11 itself excite Dota 2 fans. Do not forget that you can follow these amazing tournaments on Luckbox. Stay on Luckbox and get the latest updates.