Everything you need to know about the DPC 2021/22 Tour 3

The final tour of the Dota Pro Circuit is upon us, with Tour 3 starting all over the world. Trying to book a spot for the PGL Arlington Major 2022 in Texas, the best Dota 2 teams will compete in their regional leagues. If you are interested and want to learn more about these competitions, you have come to the right place.

As always, the DPC 2021/22 Tour 3 will be held in six different regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North America and South America. North America and South America will have fewer spots for the Major, but that doesn’t mean the competition will be less exciting there.

DPC Western Europe

In the DPC 21/22 Tour 3 WEU Division I, eight teams will compete for one of the four spots at the Texas Major. The prize pool is $205,000 and the competition will take place between June 7 and July 13. The participating teams are OG, Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, Team Secret, Entity, goonsquad and Alliance.

A quick look at the teams shows that Stockholm Major champions OG and Team Secret are the favourites to make it to Texas. Tundra Esports and Gaimin Gladiators also have an upward form that gives them a good chance to make it.

DPC China

The DPC 21/22 Tour 3 China Division I will also feature eight teams competing for the $205,000 prize pool. The competition starts on June 7, it will last for about six weeks. Four teams will make it to Texas after that: PSG.LGD, Xtreme Gaming, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up, Vici Gaming, EHOME, Dandelion Esport Club and Aster.Aries will participate.

Unfortunately, due to the quarantine calls in the country, the Chinese teams could not participate in ESL One Stockholm 2022. However, there was a regional final in China, which was won by PSG.LGD, the runners-up of The International 2021. They will be the favourites here as well, followed by Aster, RNG and Xtreme.

DPC Eastern Europe

The DPC 21/22 Tour 3 EEU Division I will begin on June 9 with eight Eastern European teams competing for three spots. The prize pool here is also $205,000. BetBoom Team, Team Spirit, Mind Games, CIS Rejects, Outsiders, NAVI, One Move and Rune Eaters Esports will compete for six weeks until July 15.

The International 2021 champions Team Spirit are part of the competition in Eastern Europe and are considered clear favourites. Their result at ESL One Stockholm 2022 was a disappointment and all Eastern European teams will try to do better this time.

Image via Valve

DPC Southeast Asia

DPC 21/22 Tour 3 SEA Division I will take place between June 8 and July 14. Eight teams will compete for the $205,000 prize pool and three spots in Texas: Fnatic, BOOM Esports, T1, Polaris Esports, Nigma Galaxy SEA, Team SMG, RSG and Talon Esports.

SEA also had a rough time at ESL One Stockholm 2022. T1 and BOOM Esports were eliminated without winning a series, while Fnatic could only beat T1 and lost to OG in the next round.

DPC North America

The DPC 21/22 Tour 3 NA Division I begins on June 7 and will run through July 13. The top eight Dota 2 teams in North America will compete for about six weeks for the $205,000 prize pool and two spots in Texas: Evil Geniuses, TSM, Quincy Crew, Wildcard Gaming, nouns, The Cut, 5RATFORCESTAFF and felt.

TSM's brand new Dota 2 offshoot managed to impress everyone with its performance in Stockholm, taking second place after OG beat them in the finals. However, the other NA representative EG was eliminated directly in the group stage, which means we need to see more from them to believe that TSM's success was no fluke.

DPC South America

Finally, the DPC 21/22 Tour 3 SA Division I will take place between June 9 and July 15. Some of the best Dota 2 teams from South America will be competing for the $205,000 prize pool and two spots at the Arlington Major. They are Thunder Awaken, beastcoast, Hokori, Tempest, Infamous, Infinity, SG esports and Wolf Team.

beastcoast and Thunder Awaken can be proud of their performances at the Stockholm Major as both were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the lower bracket against Western European teams. The South American teams will try to go one step further in Texas.

After the DPC competitions, the PGL Arlington Major begins on August 4 in Arlington, Texas. If you are interested, watch the matches live, get your 100% bonus and place your bets on your favourites at Luckbox.