Everything you need to know about IEM Rio Major 2022

Is everyone ready for a new CS:GO Major? On October 31 in Rio de Janeiro, 24 of CS:GO's top teams will compete fiercely for the massive prize pool. Prepare yourself to watch amazing matches.

Today, we're compiling everything you need to know before the IEM Rio Major 2022 begins in one article.

IEM Rio Major 2022 format

There are three different stages at IEM Rio Major 2022. The Challengers Stage will be played first. 16 teams will compete in the Swiss System format. Elimination and advancement encounters will be Bo3. All other matches will be Bo1. The first 8 teams will advance to The Legends Stage, while the other 8 teams will bid farewell to the Major.

The 16 teams that will take part in The Legends Stage will meet just like in The Challengers Stage. The Top 8 will advance to the highest stage, The Champions Stage. The last 8 teams will be eliminated from the tournament.

The Champions Stage will be played in a single-elimination bracket. All the matches will be Bo3.

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Important dates of the IEM Rio Major 2022

The IEM Rio Major 2022 will kick off on October 31 with The Challengers Stage. On November 3, The Challengers Stage will end.

November 5 is the start date for The Legends Stage. Teams will compete at this stage until November 8. Finally, The Champions Stage will be played from November 10 to November 13.

IEM Rio Major 2022's venue

This spectacular Major will bring together the premier CS:GO teams in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Challengers and Legends Stages will be played at Riocentro, while the Champions Stage will be played at Jeunesse Arena.

Participating teams

All teams qualified for a place at the IEM Rio Major 2022. No team was invited to the Major. Two RMRs were held in Europe and one in America and Asia-Pacific. It should be noted that the Contenders teams in the list below will take part in the Challengers Stage together with the Challengers.

Credit: ESL


  • FaZe Clan (European RMR A)
  • Natus Vincere (European RMR B)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (European RMR A)
  • ENCE (European RMR B)
  • Sprout (European RMR A)
  • Heroic (European RMR B)
  • Team Spirit (European RMR A)
  • Team Liquid (American RMR)


  • OG (European RMR B)
  • Team Vitality (European RMR B)
  • Evil Geniuses (American RMR)
  • Cloud9 (European RMR A)
  • BIG (European RMR B)
  • Bad News Eagles (European RMR A)
  • MOUZ (European RMR B)
  • 9z Team (American RMR)


  • Team GamerLegion (European RMR A)
  • Outsiders (European RMR B)
  • 00 Nation (American RMR)
  • FURIA Esports (American RMR)
  • Fnatic (European RMR A)
  • IHC Esports (Asia-Pacific RMR)
  • Imperial Esports (American RMR)
  • Grayhound Gaming (Asia-Pacific RMR)

Prize pool

A total of $1,250,000 will be distributed in Rio de Janeiro. 24 teams will receive their share of this prize pool based on their success. Teams will also collect BLAST Premier points. Lastly, the winner will qualify directly to IEM Katowice 2023 and BLAST Premier: World Final 2022.

Place USD BLAST Premier Qualifies To
1st $500,000 4,000 points IEM Katowice 2023/BLAST Premier Final 2022
2nd $170,000 2,000 points -
3rd-4th $80,000 1,250 points -
5th-8th $45,000 500 points -


Showmatch after IEM Rio Major 2022

On the final day of IEM Rio Major 2022, Brazilian and Swedish legendary CS:GO players will meet for a showmatch. This all-star hour, called Legends Clash, will provide CS:GO fans with great moments. Marvelous CS:GO legends will compete for their country.

Credit: ESL

A Major to be held in Rio de Janeiro was canceled before, but this time it's coming. Are you ready? You can be informed about all the updates by staying on Luckbox.