Everything you need to know about ESL One Malaysia 2022

With the end of the PGL Arlington Major 2022, eyes are turned to ESL One Malaysia 2022. Many leading Dota 2 teams take part in the tournament with a $400,000 prize pool. Excitement is already at its peak for ESL One Malaysia 2022, which will kick off on August 23.

In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know before ESL One Malaysia 2022 starts.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 format

ESL One Malaysia 2022 features 12 leading teams. These 12 teams are divided into two equal groups of six each. The teams will meet in a single round-robin and the matches will be Bo2 in the group stage. The top two teams of the groups will participate in the playoffs from the upper bracket. The third and fourth teams will continue from the lower bracket. The remaining teams will bid farewell to ESL One Malaysia 2022.

The playoffs will be played in a double-elimination bracket. While the grand final will be Bo5, all other playoff matches will be played Bo3.

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ESL One Malaysia 2022 venue

ESL One Malaysia 2022 will be held at the Arena of Stars in Pahang, Malaysia. Arena of Stars is located in Genting Highlands, a scenic hill station. Teams will compete on the Singapore server.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 participants

Due to a last-minute cancellation, ESL said that Southeast Asia runner-up will take part in the tournament, which is Talon Esports. It is noteworthy that PSG.LGD will not take part in the tournament. Last-minute cancellation may have come from PSG.LGD.

As a result, seven of the teams attend ESL One Malaysia 2022 as invitees. The other six teams won this right with their success in the qualifiers. While some fans did not like the given right to qualify for Southeast Asia's second team after the eighth invited team declined, it's probably because ESL thought it was a safer way to send a last-minute invitation to a team close to the tournament region.

Also, the fact that they play in their own region, in front of their own fans, will add a different spirit to the tournament.

Team Spirit, the reigning champion of The International and winner of the PGL Arlington Major 2022, will also be absent from the tournament.

Having never reached that level again after winning the first The International, NAVI failed in the Europe/CIS qualifiers and we will not see them at ESL One Malaysia 2022 as well.

BetBoom Team, on the other hand, had almost no presence against Entity in the grand final. And that was the end of the road to ESL One Malaysia 2022 for them.

Gaimin Gladiators, one of the first European teams to come to mind, is another team that will not take part in ESL One Malaysia 2022.

Quincy Crew roster, signed by Soniqs recently, failed to qualify for ESL One Malaysia 2022 with a comeback from TSM in the grand final of the North America qualifier.

Another team that draws attention with their fan base and their recent performances is beastcoast.

Thunder Awaken has long outdone them in tournaments, and for the same reason beastcoast was eliminated in the grand final of the qualifier. For this reason, we will not be able to watch them in the tournament.

Important roster changes

Some of the teams that will take part in ESL One Malaysia 2022 have had roster changes in recent times. Let's take a look at them together.

Coach Chuvash will replace Misha in OG. While the Russian player Misha could not get a visa, it is noteworthy that the coach of the team could get a visa.

Aramis from Alliance will not be able to participate in the tournament due to visa problems. He will be replaced by dEsire. In addition, Dukalis and Limitless have just joined the Alliance and this is a very important tournament for them to show their performance. The former captain of the team, CTOMAHEH1, left. The new captain is Dukalis. Another player who left is symmetricaL.

Team Secret's player, iceiceice, is now on Team SMG's roster. He was replaced by Resolut1on and this will be his first tournament. Also, the oldest player of the tournament, Puppey, is on Team Secret's roster. Team Secret will be in the limelight along with Resolut1on and Puppey.

Let's talk about Nigma Galaxy, although there is no change in its roster. Considered one of the most experienced players in Dota 2, KuroKy is on their roster. Also, SumaiL has been on Nigma Galaxy since May. It will definitely be fun to watch Nigma Galaxy at ESL One Malaysia 2022.


ESL One Malaysia 2022 groups

It is already clear how the teams will be divided in the group stage of ESL One Malaysia 2022. You can take a look at the groups in the image below.

Credit: ESL Dota 2

ESL One Malaysia 2022 talent lineup

ESL Dota 2 announced the broadcast talent that will take place in ESL One Malaysia 2022 in a tweet shared on 15 August. Talking about them as storytellers is pretty sweet.

Credit: ESL Dota 2


Sheever (Jorien van der Heijden)
Tsunami (Neal Khandheria)
Slacks (Jake Kanner)


skrff (Rikard Holm Melin)
JJ (Jonathan Liebig)


Ephey (Mira Riad)
ninjaboogie (Michael Ross Jr.)
syndereN (Troels Lyngholt Nielsen)
343 (Adam Erwann Shah bin Akhtar Hussein)
WinteR (Chan Litt Binn)
ODPixel (Owen Davies)
Fogged (Ioannis Loucas)
Cap (Austin Walsh)
SVG (Avery Silverman)
johnxfire (John Nathan Fernandez)
MLPDotA (Mike Le Phoenix)

Where can you watch ESL One Malaysia 2022?

You can watch ESL One Malaysia 2022 on ESL's official Dota 2 Twitch or YouTube channel or directly via the official website.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 schedule

ESL One Malaysia 2022 will kick off on August 23. The group stage will conclude on August 25. On the same day, the playoffs will begin with the upper bracket semifinals.

Lower bracket round 1 matches and one of the lower quarterfinals will be played on August 26.

On August 27, the upper bracket final, a match of the lower bracket quarterfinals and the lower bracket semifinals will be completed.

August 28 is the big day. The lower bracket final and the grand final will be played back to back, culminating in this amazing tournament.

Prize pool

A prize pool of $400,000 awaits the 12 teams that will take part in ESL One Malaysia 2022. The division of this prize pool according to the rankings is not yet clear.

Tickets for ESL One Malaysia 2022 are already sold out. Dota 2 fans are looking forward to the tournament. Stay on Luckbox to be informed about ESL One Malaysia 2022.