Everything you need to know about BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022

The BLAST Premier Fall Finals are about to kick off, running from November 23 to November 27. It’s the second to last BLAST event of the year, with the World Final set to run from December 14 to December 18 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen

The Fall Finals start in earnest on November 23, when eight teams will go head-to-head in a bid to claim victory. The grand prize on offer is a slice of a $425,000 prize pool, BLAST Premier points as well as a chance to play on for further victory at the World Final tournament.

One of 2022’s last major CS:GO events is nearly upon us, and we have everything you need to know about the BLAST Premier Fall Finals right here.

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BLAST Premier History

2022 marks BLAST Premier’s third year, with the league having been officially launched by RFRSH Entertainment in 2020. The event ultimately replaced the BLAST Pro Series, which ran from 2017 to 2019, and was discontinued in favour of BLAST Premier.

The league is primarily based in North America and Europe, with each region hosting Showdowns in their respective regions, ahead of the Spring and Fall Finals - which themselves ultimately lead into the World Finals in December.

The tournaments are divided into two seasons: Spring and Fall, each of which lasts around four months. Those seasons are further split up into the Group Stage, Showdown events and season finals - which all ultimately lead up to the World Finals.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) were the winners of the first ever World Final (then known as the Global Final), which took place from January 19–24, 2021 and saw NAVI taking home $600,000 of the $1,000,0000 prize pool.

Since then, NAVI has gone on to dominate the BLAST World Finals - having also won the World Finals in 2021. The team is a strong contender in the Fall Finals in November, with a solid chance of going on to compete in their third BLAST Premier World Finals in a row, and indeed every World Finals in the event’s history.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 format

The Fall Finals will begin on November 23 with the group stage, where eight teams will face off in a double-elimination bracket. The bottom two teams will be eliminated, while the remaining six move on to the playoffs.

The group stage matches are decided under the Bo3 (best of three) rule, and the winners of this stage will go on to the semi finals. The second-place runners up meanwhile will move on to the high-seed quarter finals, while the teams placed in third will move to the low-seed quarter finals.

Once they get to the playoffs, the teams will be competing in a single-elimination bracket in Bo3 matches.

Alongside a cut of the tournament’s prize pool, the eight teams are also competing for the right to go on to play at the World Final, taking place in December. The winner of each season’s final will automatically go on to the World Finals, where they will be joined by the winners of other non-BLAST Premiers, as well as the teams ranked highest on the BLAST Premier Global Leaderboard - which is decided by their performances in the year’s biggest leagues and tournaments.

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BLAST Premier Fall Finals teams

A total of eight teams will be competing at the Fall Finals, split into groups A and B. The teams from Group A are as follows:

FaZe Clan is one of our favourites for this tournament, and is definitely one to watch in the weeks ahead. FaZe were a strong competitor in the IEM Rio Major earlier this year, where they were competing as the defending champions. Despite high expectations, however, FaZe ultimately disappointed, were sent home.

Heroic too has had a strong showing recently, and also has a recent loss to make up for. The team came tantalisingly close to victory in Rio, making it all the way to the Finals. Outsiders were able to claim the final victory there however, leaving Heroic in a very well-deserved second place. Still, time will tell if they can make it all the way to victory in Copenhagen.

Ninjas in Pyjamas don’t have quite as strong a track record as the previous two teams, but that’s not a reason to write them off just yet. Ninjas made it all the way to the Legends Stage back in Rio, before being sent home by Fnatic. They’re got tough competition in their first match against Heroic, but we’ve already seen plenty of upsets in CS:GO this year.

As one of the champions from the Fall Groups stage (alongside Team Liquid and Natus Vincere), OG has more than earned their place in the Fall Finals - but do they have what it takes to go all the way? Their first match against FaZe Clan doesn’t bode well for them, who are strongly favoured to win. Still, with plenty of surprise wins in recent CS:GO history, they’re not one to be written off.

The teams in group B are as follows:

Brazilian team Fluxo is a more recent one, having only just been founded in January 2021. Despite that, Fluxo already has some impressive wins under their belt - most notably coming first in the BLAST Premier: Fall American Showdown, thereby earning their place in the Fall Finals. They face some severe competition though - facing off against defending champions NAVI in their first match on November 23.

G2 Esports meanwhile is much more established, dating all the way back to 2013. G2 are strong contenders, but have a recent history of coming in second place - most recently at Intel Extreme Masters XVI in Katowice, and also at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 and Intel Extreme Masters XVI in Cologne.

NAVI are BLAST’s returning champions, having won the World Finals in both the 2020 and 2021 series. If they can pull off the hat trick and make it all the way to the 2022 World Finals, they’ll have competed (and potentially won) in every single BLAST Premier World Final since the event’s inception in 2020.

Finally, Team Liquid are coming into the Fall Finals on a high, having taken home victory (alongside OG and NAVI) in the Fall Groups stage. They made it through to the Legends stage at IEM Rio Major 2022, but were ultimately sent home following back-to-back defeats by both Heroic and Spirit. Their first match against G2 promises to be an evenly-matched one, with both sides having a real chance of winning.

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BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 prize pool

The eight teams are all competing for a slice of the $425,000 prize pool, alongside BLAST Premier points and the chance to qualify to compete in the World Final tournament in December.

The team who fights their way to first place will receive $200,000, as well as 4,000 BLAST Premier points and will qualify to compete in the World Final tournament. The second placed team meanwhile will win $85,000 and 2,000 points and the teams in third and fourth place will each receive $40,000.

The less fortunate teams in fifth and sixth place will receive $20,000 and 500 points each, while finally the teams ranked seventh and eighth will receive $10,000 and 250 points each.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals schedule

The Fall Finals kick off in full force on November 23, with eight teams going head to head in the group stage.

The team matchups and times are as follows:

Wednesday, November 23

09:00 GMT: FaZe Clan (1.44) vs OG  (2.74)

12:00 GMT: Heroic (1.41) vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (2.86)

15:00 GMT: Natus Vincere (1.11) vs Fluxo (6.45)

18:00 GMT: Team Liquid (1.94) vs G2 Esports (1.84)

Once these matches are out of the way, we’re heading towards the playoffs. Those will begin the next day on Thursday, November 24 - when we’ll see four matches, the upper and lower finals for both Groups A and B. After that, we’ll have two quarter final matches on the 25th, followed by two semi final matches on the 26th. All of that leads us right up to the grand final, taking place at 16:30 GMT on the 27th.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 venue and tickets

The Fall Finals are taking place at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, running from November 23 to November 27.

Those looking to attend in person can buy tickets for the semi finals and/or grand final (on Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, respectively) via the BLAST Premiere website.

You can also now order your tickets for the World Final, with a variety of tickets available for both the 17th and 18th of December.

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