Everything about DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia

A new Starcraft tournament is on the horizon

The DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia is the first of two offline ESL Pro Tour 2022/23 Global Events. It is organised by DreamHack and ESL and takes place at DreamHack Valencia 2022 with a prize pool of $100,000 both for the regionals and the main finals as always the case is with the somewhat small yet financially huge esports scene of StarCraft 2.

And now that the qualifiers have concluded, and the groups have been formed: the 2022 DreamHack Masters Season is now ready to begin.

This year, DreamHack Masters is reverting to its original live-centric format, which was designed prior to the global epidemic. Regional tournaments will continue to be performed online in identical formats in the 2020-2021 seasons, but the prior online Season Finals will now be held live at DreamHack events just like 2015's Blizzard's WCS (World Championship Series). The DreamHack Valencia event in Spain will take place in July 1-3 and will hold the grand finals for this season of DreamHack Masters, as the competition name indicates.

This also implies that open bracket qualification for the Season Finals will be reinstated. DHM regional winners will continue to receive direct seeding into the later stages of the DHM Season Finals, but other players can compete in the live season finals by starting in the open bracket.

Another significant change for the 2022 season will be the relaxation of region-lock restrictions for Korean nationals. The top six players from the most recent GSL Code S cycle will be invited to compete in the live DHM Season Finals, while additional Korean players may compete in the open bracket although the participation is likely to be somewhat reduced due to Korean travel restrictions for men at conscription age.

6 players from the Korean region have already secured their places seeded for them because of their prior achievements in the SC2 tournaments and thus qualified for the main event. The names will not surprise any SC2 esports fan though, since these 6 are one of the most dominating in the scene for years already: Protoss players; Creator, Trap and Zerg players; Dark, DRG, RagnaroK and Rogue.

DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: Europe schedule & betting odds

Europe regionals are beginning on May 18th. You can click on the dates to take yourself directly to the detailed match page, and live bet whilst the matches play out. You can always visit luckbox.com to watch your favourite team’s matches and bet live.

We have two top tier players that are expected to stomp their opponents in the tournament's first matches as of now. For more check out the complete SC2 Tournament page where you can find all 31 matches of Master Valencia. SC2 offers a fresh breeze in esports for any strategy fan or in case you might be bored watching the same FPS/MOBA genres over and over. SC2C2 is unparalleled in its intensity of microing, reflexes and the grand strategy combined and overall a much much more demanding game!

Check out the final game of GSL Code S if you want to have an idea of how intense and demanding SC2 esports could be: