European LoL action is back with LEC 2022 Spring this week

All around the world, major LoL esports leagues are starting and up next is Europe’s LEC. After a year of domination from MAD Lions, it seems like things will change this year. For 2022, most teams see an opportunity to get a championship, and they are going to work hard for that one.

2021 was the year when Europe officially fell behind Korea, once again. G2 Esports lost its power, and MAD Lions, who took their place, couldn’t show an efficient performance at Worlds, although a top four at MSI wasn’t too bad. While three Korean teams played semifinals, no European team was able to make it, with MAD being the only EU representative making the quarterfinals.

Fans expect their teams to be better than that, as they are used to seeing an EU representative fighting for the championship for the last three years. 2022 will be the rebuilding year for the LEC teams, for that purpose.

Favourites at LEC 2022 Spring

Rosters have changed, Team Vitality is in the championship race after years, but there are still familiar names running for the top three. As of now, Team Vitality, Fnatic, G2 Esports, MAD Lions and Rogue seems to be best teams of the league, with the former three being a little better than the others. You can visit the articles where we evaluated G2 Esports and Fnatic by clicking on the links. We will mention the teams briefly here.

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Fnatic holds on to their top class bot lane for 2022, Upset and Hylissang. To upgrade their team, Wunder, Razork and Humanoid joined the famous organization. If other teams help Fnatic by failing to get in shape in time, they might as well become the LEC champions after three years.

Team Vitality constructed the super team of the year, with Alphari, Selfmade, Perkz, Carzzy and Labrov. If they manage the egos of such superstars and create team cohesion with the help of their coaching staff, run by Mephisto, they are the natural favourites of LEC.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, went through a similar route to that of Fnatic’s, keeping Jankos and Caps and rebuilding around them. Last year’s best LEC top laner for many, Broken Blade, Flakked and Targamas, former European Regional Leagues players, joined the team to create a better G2 than the G2 in 2021. Replacing players like Rekkles would be hard for a rookie normally, but G2 had such low performances last year, I doubt these rookies would feel the pressure.

MAD Lions also patched up their team with ERL talents, keeping Armut, Elyoya and Kaiser. Rogue brought Malrang to replace Inspired and Comp to replace Hans sama, greatly reducing their potential for the championship. If they repeat 2021 though, their success story would be unforgettable, stopping super organizations which invest heavily like G2 and FNC for years, together.

Misfits, Astralis, Excel and SK Gaming have rosters similar to their 2021 teams. Team BDS, the new LEC partner, deserves some attention though, as they brought Adam, LIMIT and GrabbZ together with underrated European talent such as Cinkrof and NUCLEARINT. They might be the shocking underdog of 2022.

LEC 2022 Spring first week schedule

This year, because of the increase in Covid-19 cases worldwide and in Europe, LEC will start as an online event. However, don’t let that bog you down: LEC 2022 Spring Season’s first week will be a superweek, with teams playing three games in a week instead of two. It will start this Friday at 18.00, and the last game of the week will be on this Sunday at 21.00. We will see games like Team Vitality vs MAD Lions, Team BDS vs Fnatic (Adam vs his old team), Team Vitality vs Fnatic and MAD Lions vs G2 Esports.

So, it’s going to be a spicy one! How about some comments about these first games?

As of now, Team Vitality has 1.65 betting odds against MAD Lions which has 2.10 at Luckbox, showing that their super team is much more trusted than the team MAD assembled together after losing Humanoid and Carzzy.

Team BDS doesn’t stand a chance against Fnatic according to the betting odds, as they have 5.30 while Fnatic has 1.13 on Luckbox. However, games like this are open to surprises, especially because LEC is played with a best of one format. Keep your eyes on this one, I tell you.

Another great match this week, Team Vitality vs Fnatic with VIT being behind Fnatic this time. Fnatic has 1.60 betting odds while Vitality has 2.20 on Luckbox. Although they have the super team factor, Fnatic’s team is also a strong one and they have the advantage of having Upset - Hylissang duo on their bot lane. I must agree with the odds here, Fnatic’s chances are looking better.

MAD Lions has a 1.75 betting odds against G2 Esports’ 1.98 on Luckbox in the last game of the superweek. Although MAD Lions is the last years’ champions, G2 Esports has a better team this year in my opinion. It could change as we still haven’t seen Flakked and Targamas play on LEC level. Their performance might be decisive during this very important game against MAD Lions.

You are officially allowed to get excited for LEC, as this is the week! We have some great matches and I am sure LEC will bring us some great production as always. Check out their collaboration with Chrissy Costanza below, and Vedius, what a vocal!

If you are an esports fan like us and looking for more than LEC, visit Luckbox to watch your favourite teams’ matches and place your bets.


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