European League 2022 Stage 1 Day 8 schedule and betting odds

On the road to the Six Charlotte Major 2022, competition is heating up. Although Heroic's first place in European League 2022 Stage 1 is almost certain, the battle for the other three slots continues.

Let's take a look at what happened in Playday 7, the schedule and betting odds of the matches in Playday 8.

European League 2022 - Stage 1: Playday 7 results

  • NAVI 4 - 7 Looking For Org
  • Team BDS 7 - 5 Team Secret
  • G2 Esports 7 - 2 PWNZ
  • Outsiders 5 - 7 Heroic
  • Rogue 4 - 7 MNM Gaming

Heroic solidified their lead with a win against Outsiders. While Rogue is still one of Heroic's biggest rivals, they lost to MNM Gaming, which greatly reduced their chances of getting to first place.

European League 2022 - Stage 1: Playday 8 matches

Credit: Rainbow Six Esports EU

Rogue is still pretty keen on being first. Even though they decreased that chance a lot by losing against MNM Gaming last week, they will still want to continue their claim by winning against the Outsiders. Rogue seems to be the favourite, although it will be a competitive match.

PWNZ has not been able to perform well in the tournament so far. Team BDS has to win this match for the Six Charlotte Major 2022. The likely winner of the match is Team BDS.

The possibility of Looking For Org to be the first still remains. Depending on their performance, they could also lose their chance to go to the Six Charlotte Major 2022. Although quite an exciting match awaits us, Heroic will probably win the match by doing their best.

Another participant in the race to the top is G2 Esports. Against Team Secret, who has so far been below expectations, G2 Esports will try to perform their best and maintain their place and even play for higher place.

Although it is not one of the most important matches in terms of the course of European League 2022 - Stage 1, the match expected to be the most competitive of the week will be between NAVI and MNM Gaming. While it's hard to predict who will win, NAVI looks one step ahead.

The likely champion of European League 2022 - Stage 1 looks like Heroic. Still, the excitement continues not only for the championship, but also for the Six Charlotte Major 2022 slots. Don't forget to join this excitement with Luckbox.

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