European League 2022 - Stage 1: Playday 5 & 6 schedule and betting odds

European League 2022 - Stage 1 continues at full speed, with Heroic currently in the lead. Considering the enormous competition between the teams, everything can change at any moment.

The schedule and betting odds of Playday 5 and 6, as well as what happened in Playday 3 and 4 played last week, are in our article.

European League 2022 - Stage 1 last week’s results

Playday 3

  • Rogue 7 - 5 PWNZ
  • Heroic 2 - 7 NAVI
  • Team BDS 7 - 4 Looking For Org
  • Outsiders 7 - 5 G2 Esports
  • Team Secret 7 - 5 MNM Gaming

In Playday 3, the match where NAVI won against Heroic was the scene of exciting moments. Team BDS, on the other hand, got their only win in this Playday. They were expected to perform better.

Playday 4

  • Outsiders 4 - 7 Team Secret
  • PWNZ 4 - 7 NAVI
  • G2 Esports 5 - 7 Heroic
  • Team BDS 3 - 7 MNM Gaming
  • Looking For Org 7 - 8 Rogue

The most striking match of Playday 4 was played between Looking For Org and Rogue. Rogue won the match.

European League 2022 - Stage 1 Playday 5 matches

Two teams that broke away from the European League Stage 1 competition will face each other. Defeating Team BDS without difficulty, MNM Gaming is the favourite.

G2 Esports has not been able to perform well so far. On the other hand, Looking For Org is progressing much better than expected. G2 Esports is expected to turn things around with this match.

The encounter between Rogue and NAVI is vital for both teams. For Heroic, it will be quite a relief regardless of the outcome as one of their opponents will be defeated in the end.

For Team BDS, the tournament has been going quite poorly so far. Things will get a lot harder for them if they do not get a win against the Outsiders. The likely winner of the match is Team BDS.

Everything is going very well for Heroic so far. They are also favorites against their strong rivals Team Secret. If they win this match as well, they will gain a significant advantage .

European League 2022 - Stage 1 Playday 6 matches

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