EU Masters Play-In is starting next week

The #2 League of Legends competition in Europe, Amazon European Masters, is starting with its 2022 Spring edition next week. Best teams from European Regional Leagues punched their tickets to the main event, but the tournament will start with its Play-In stage where 16 teams will fight for four spots.

The first pool consists of Karmine Corp, Iron Wolves, Barça eSports and UOL Sexy Edition. The second pool has Vitality.Bee, Zero Tenacity, Bifrost and Macko Esports. Finally, the third pool has eight teams, Valiance, We Love Gaming, KRC Genk Esports, mCon LG UltraGear, Entropiq, eSuba, For The Win and EGN Esports.

EU Masters 2022 Spring Play-In Groups

The teams were drawn into groups of four yesterday. Check out the teams and where they come from below, image courtesy of EU Masters:

In Group A, Spanish SuperLiga third place Barça eSports are the favourites. Macko Esports are the #2 from Italy, We Love Gaming are #2 from Greece/Cyprus and Entropiq won Hitpoint Masters, the Czech/Slovak league. Looking at these names and where they come from, they look strong, but unfortunately, there are many differences between Spain’s #3 and Czech Republic’s #1 in ERLs. Barça is looking forward to showing those differences.

Group B will be led by UOL Sexy Edition’s performance, the Prime League #3. They will be followed by Northern Europe’s (NLC) second place Bifrost, Balkan's second place Valiance and Hitpoint Master's second place eSuba. Considering their Prime League performance, UOL has a lot more to offer than the rest of the teams in Group B, but there will surely be a solid race for second place.

Iron Wolves, third place from UltraLiga, will be the leading team in Group C. However, they have some solid competition in Vitality.Bee, the French LFL’s #4. For The Win comes from Portugal as their champion, and KRC Genk Esports are the champion from Benelux. This group also looks stacked, but still, Iron Wolves and Vitality.Bee should prove they are better, as they performed greatly this spring and they have incredible rosters.

Finally, the French powerhouse with Rekkles, Karmine Corp is leading the Group D. Zero Tenacity from Poland will follow them in their pursuit of making it to the main event, and the rest of the teams will be mCon LG UltraGear from Benelux and EGN Esports from Portugal. Benelux and Portugal doesn’t send any team directly to EUM Main Event, and these teams finished second there, so you can understand why LFL #3 and UltraLiga #4 sound so much better than Portugal #2 or even #1.

Image via Riot Games

After the group stage, the top two of each group will advance to the knockout stage. Group A #1 will face Group B #2, and Group B #1 will be facing Group A #2, the same goes for Group C and Group D. It will be great to see the teams fighting for a slot at EU Masters Play-In, but as mentioned earlier, the four slots will likely be taken by already strong leagues like LFL, UltraLiga, SuperLiga or Prime League.

The schedule for the EUM Play-In

Amazon European Masters Play-In Group Stage will take only two days, with a lot of matches being played in a single day. On Monday, April 4, the first batch of matches will be played, and on Tuesday, April 5, the remaining will be played. The knockout stage will be played the day after. This is the only thing that makes upsets possible in Play-In, teams have to play a lot of matches in three days, so if they get tired, they might as well lose their spots.

You can find the schedule below, image courtesy of EU Masters:

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