EU Masters 2022 Main Event is about to start

The European Regional Leagues are over, the play-in stage is over, and it is time for the clash of best European talent outside of LEC. Amazon European Masters 2022 Spring is starting this week and it will be easier for all of us to wait for MSI 2022. Sixteen teams that have qualified for the tournament are now looking for the kick-off, and you can get the details you want to find out here.

Last year’s champions Karmine Corp made it through Play-In, together with Vitality.Bee, Bifrost and UOL Sexy Edition. They will be joined by AGO ROGUE, Fnatic TQ, GamerLegion and LDLC OL in pool 1, X7 Esports, BISONS ECLUB, Eintracht Spandau and Team BDS Academy in pool 2, Team ESCA Gaming, Atleta Esport, Crvena zvedza and Team Phantasma in pool 3.

EU Masters 2022 Spring Groups

Group A will consist of Ultraliga champions AGO ROGUE, Balkan champions Crvena zvedza, Prime League runner-up Eintracht Spandau and French representatives coming from play-in, Vitality.Bee. It’s a strong group with even the team coming from play-in has a very strong roster. It will be hard for the three teams other than AGO ROGUE to place second and advance to quarterfinals.

In Group B, Prime League champions GamerLegion will face NLC champions X7 Esports, Greek champions Team Phantasma and another French play-in representative, Karmine Corp. Although they failed to win LFL, Karmine Corp and Prime League winner GamerLegion seem to be one step ahead, even though winning NLC makes X7 look very powerful. Overall, it’s another group that is hard to take a guess.

In Group C, Spanish champions Fnatic TQ will take on LFL runner-up Team BDS Academy, Ultraliga runner-up Team ESCA Gaming and Bifrost from play-in. BDS.A surprised with their performance in the playoffs, while Fnatic TQ is considered to be a very strong team here at EU Masters. They will be the favourites here, but their opponents aren’t weak either.

The last one, Group D, consists of French champions LDLC OL, Spanish runner-up BISONS ECLUB, Italian champions Atleta Esport and coming from play-in, Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition. Aside from LDLC OL, it’s hard to rank the powers, but being the LFL champion always makes you the favourite for winning the whole thing at EU Masters. We’ll see if LDLC OL can live up to the hype, though.

EU Masters 2022 Spring schedule

The group stage will take eight days, 14-17 April and 21-24 April. You can find the schedule for the first day below.

April 14, Thursday
AGO ROGUE (2.15) vs Vitality.Bee (1.65) - 17:00 CET
Crvena zvedza (3.80) vs Eintracht Spandau (1.22) - 18:00 CET
Team BDS Academy (1.15) vs Team ESCA Gaming (4.80) - 19:00 CET
Atleta Esport (4.40) vs LDLC OL (1.17) - 20:00 CET
BISONS ECLUB (2.00) vs UOL Sexy Edition (1.72) - 21:00 CET
Fnatic TQ (1.20) vs Bifrost (4.00) - 22:00 CET

Aside from AGO ROGUE vs Vitality.Bee and BISONS ECLUB vs UOL Sexy Edition, there isn’t a real nail-biter on the first day of EU Masters. AGO ROGUE is a very strong team from Ultraliga, as winning the league there is a solid victory. However, Vitality.Bee has players with LEC experience, and they didn’t come from the play-in because they were bad, they did because better teams were competing in the LFL.

EU Masters will take until May 7, with the grand final being played that day. The winner of the tournament will take €40,000 out of the €150,000 prize money.  We will also witness the first time Rekkles competing in the EU Masters Main Event, so tune in for that one also.

If you want to find the remaining matches from other days and place your bets on your favourite teams, check out Luckbox.