Esports lingo - 30 LoL terms you need to know

Terminology is generally used to describe words used inscience, jobs, or any art field, but only used in these kinds of particular areas. Games also have a terminology that has emerged over time, which is generally made up by players.

League of Legends is a very good example in this sense.

In today's article, we have brought together 30 terms used in League of Legends for you, mostly created by the players’ itself. HF!

1v9: Used by players that feel like all of their teammates are bad and not helping.

Ace: Killing every enemy on the opposite team.

B: Returning to the base by pressing “B”.

Bait: Showing weakness to make your enemy attack or move towards you.

Baron: Neutral monster that gives huge bonuses when executed by a team.

Broken: A term for describing a hero, skill or item which is so powerful that it does not make sense.

Camping: Ganking the same enemy in a short amount of time.

Dive: Attacking an enemy who is at a dangerous place, such as under towers.

Elo: Mathematical ranking system for LoL.

Elo hell: An elo where it is impossible to get out of.

Credit: Riot Games

FF: Surrendering.

Farm: Killing minions and creeps to earn money.

Feeding: Action of the player who dies to the enemy on purpose.

Gank: Attacking the enemy unexpectedly, mostly made by Junglers.

Instalock: Selecting and locking a hero fast.

Int: Intentional feeding.

Lane: Corridors of the LoL. There are three lanes Top, Bot, Mid, and Jungle as a plus.

Main: A player’s best hero that he/she can play.

Meta: The general situation of the game. Strong items in particular times of LoL can be described as part of meta.

NA F: NA stands for North America. This is a meme for describing bad flash usage.

Credit: Riot Games

OP: Champions, items or skills that are considered as too strong for the meta.

OTP: Player who can play only one hero in a perfect way.

Outplay: Taking a losing situation and turning it around with strong mechanics and sudden decisive play making.

Roam: Ganking to the enemies sides except your own side.

SS: Short term that is used when the enemy is not on its side.

Snowball: Situation that occurs when a champion or team gains an advantage that allows them to progressively grow stronger.

TF: Teamfight.

Tilt: The person who gets annoyed by any kind of movement inside of the game, such as the support who is not using totems for the dragon.

Trade: Mostly used to describe 1v1 kills when both sides die.

Wave: Creep groups that go to the sides in particular times.

All of these terms are making a good impression when you consider the creativity that gamers have. Feel free to use these words on the League and describe your feelings in the best way a player can do.

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