Esports Lingo: 30 CS:GO terms you need to know

Friendly fire, rush B, eco round… are you familiar with these terms? Well, these are the mostly player-based terms that famous first person shooter game Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players are using from previous versions of the Counter-Strike games.

Here is our list of 30 terms that you need to know if you are a player of CS:GO or wishing to start:

200IQ: An amazing way of playing  in an intelligent way.

A1S: Short term for M4A1S gun.

A4: Short term for M4A4 gun.

Ace: When a single player kills the whole enemy team.

AK: Short term for AK-47 gun.

Aimbot: A hack that helps to aim directly at the enemy.

Bait: Creating a fake tactic with making noises on one side of the map.

Bunny: The combination of crossing and jumping inside of the game.

Clutch: Where the last player on a team successfully wins the round for their team, for example winning a 1v5. (Click here to read our best clutches article.)

CT: Counter-Terrorists

Credit: Dreamhack

Dink: Headshot. Dink is the voice that comes from the helmet on the headshot.

Eco: Saving money by buying cheap weapons or not buying any weapons at all.

Flash: Short term for flashbang and can also be used to make the enemy blind.

Force: Using all the money to buy weapons.

Gun round: The situation where both teams have full weapons.

Half buy: Spending the money for cheap weapons like SMG.

HS: Short term for headshot.

Ninja defuse: Defusing the bomb in a sneaky way.

One Tap: Killing an enemy with only one firing.

Pre-fire: Preemptive firing at a place where the enemy might be hiding.

Credit: Dreamhack

Rush: Going rapidly to one side.

Rotate: Changing the side to enter.

Save: Keeping the money for the next round to have more to buy.

Strat: Short term for strategy.

T: Terrorists.

TK: Short term for team kill.

Unicorn round: The round that nobody dies on each team.

VAC: Acronym for Valve Anti-Cheat.

Wallbang: Shooting the enemy from behind the wall.

Wallhack: A hack that allows players to see behind buildings and walls.

Credit: Dreamhack

We have no doubt that after reading this article, you would not have any problem understanding what all these people are talking about in CS:GO and why some mad people are writing to chat with some “random letters”.

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