Esports degrees 'can provide foundations for successful careers'

Esports degree courses can set students on the path to successful careers, according to former professional gamer Sujoy Roy.

A growing number of UK universities and colleges are offering esports courses as educational establishments recognise the potential of the industry, not least in terms of job opportunities.

The University of Roehampton launched an esports scholarship, while the University of York and Leicester have partnerships with ESL to develop courses.

Staffordshire University has launched the UK's first esports degree - a BA (Hons) qualification, which costs from £9,250-a-year. A postgraduate Masters (MA) is also available.


Sujoy was among the UK's first esports pros, competing in Quake in the late 1990s and early 2000s and is now Luckbox's Director of Esports.

He said: "Having lived and breathed esports for 20 years, I know that this industry can bring out the best in people.

"It's a playground for digital natives, where you have to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and sometimes invent new ways to do things. I think a degree in esports will offer students a surprisingly well-rounded education in a topic they are already strongly passionate about.

"Esports is here to stay, and the people who can make a name for themselves can expect a long and successful career ahead."


Staffordshire University on Saturday held an open day when it unveiled its custom-build esports hub, featuring state-of-the-art technology that will allow students to host and broadcast live esports events.

Equipment includes 12 gaming workstations with Razer mice and headphones, broadcast cameras and a broadcast gallery, specialist lighting, a studio area for three presenters and two shoutcasters, plus spectator seating.

Course lecturer Stuart Kosters said: “The hub will be a place where students can learn in a real-life setting and understand what goes on behind-the-scenes of a major esports event.

“We have been working closely with industry employers who believe that this hands-on experience is vital. We want to put our students ahead of the game when they graduate and give them the best chance of getting a job.”


June Dennis, Dean of Staffordshire Business School, said: “It’s great seeing the faces of people when they first come into the Esports Hub – it’s an amazing resource!

“The degree covers not only the technical aspects of esports but also how to run and promote esports events worldwide and has been designed in consultation with specialists in the field. Graduates will enter a very buoyant job market in three to four years time.”