Germany's esports boom continues

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Germany is falling in love with esports, and there is nothing the old men can do about it. In what seems like some kind of modern-day Shakespearian tale, the youth of the nation are flooding towards the new phenomenon while old men in grey suits impotently shake their fists at the clouds, and it’s glorious to observe from afar. From German football to the IOC and beyond, many have decided to tell the world how esports will never catch on, proving nothing more than their own disconnect with reality.

New research sent to Luckbox by, the association of the German games industry, shows record numbers of young people flocking to watch esports events in 2019. One in five Germans has already watched some form of esports, which is about 13m people, and the number of 16-24 year olds engaging with the medium is as high as 44%, which is a fantastic result.


It’s worth pointing out the survey, conducted by YouGov Germany GmbH, was done online, which will slightly skew the results, but overall it’s hard to ignore the impact of the scene on a nation that already hosts many top tier events. ESL One Cologne is one of the greatest events on the calendar, and with Berlin set to host Starladder’s CSGO Major later in the year we’re only going to see more top events in that part of the world.

"The rising numbers of viewers of esports underpin the growing interest in digital sports in Germany", said Felix Falk, CEO of "Especially with many younger people, eSports broadcasts are an integral part of media usage: Free livestreams and recordings as well as parallel chat opportunities with other fans from all over the world set a standard against which other sports broadcasts must be judged in the future."


For a better idea of the objections to progress that old Germans are willing to raise, you can enjoy our coverage here and here, and it’s worth it just for the extreme contrast between the reality and their view. One thing is for sure, the fact the people currently making so much money from German football are right to be worried, with nearly half the youth watching esports today, as that number is only going to increase in 2019.

Tim MastersTim joined Luckbox as an editor in 2018, having previously spent time at GosuGamers, EsportsHeaven and other sites. He currently is not at his desk.