The 12 esports gifts of Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and time is running out to snap up those last-minute gifts.

But what about the esports fans in your life - what on earth will you get them?

Well, we've done some digging and found 12 esports Christmas gifts to provide some inspiration.

ESL Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this sweater from ESL is a cracker. If your recipient likes CS:GO, they’ll love this. If they’re not au fait with CS, just tell them they’re turkeys.

€53 / $59 / £44.99 - shop

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Wrap up warm this winter and stay bright during those dark nights. A s1mple gift for the Na’Vi fan you know.

€10.59 / $11.78 / £8.99 - shop

Astralis Puffer Jacket


A real winter warmer for fans of the best team in Counter-Strike. This Jack&Jones apparel is not cheap by any means but, with the Danish kings, you know you’ll get quality.

€199.95 / $ 221 / £168 - shop


San Francisco Shock Socks


No one really wants socks for Christmas, right? Think again. These SF Shock socks are sure to keep those toes warm while during those long cold nights waiting for the new OWL season to start.

€13.47 / $14.99 / £11.43 - shop

London Spitfire Cuffed Knit Hat


Give the Spitfire fan in your life the gift of head warmth this winter. Knowing British weather, this will also be useful for the 2020 Homestand Games in March and June.

€17.96 / $19.99 / £15.25 - shop


Cloud9 2019 Holiday Sweater


Never ones to disappoint, Cloud9 have pushed the boat out this year, offering another fetching/repulsive Christmas sweater, with matching hat and scarf available too.

€53.92 / $60 / £45.77 - shop

$5 in your Luckbox account


We're biased, of course, but the best gift you'll get this Christmas comes when you create an account at Luckbox. Every account starts with $5 for you to make predictions on your favourite esports matches.

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Team Liquid Crossbody Bag


Ideal for those festive parties, or even delivering Christmas cards, this bad boy comes with two removable Liquid patches. Snazzy.

€33.38 / $30 / £22.89 - shop

NIP Christmas Bundle


It’s great to see the Ninjas taking Christmas shopping seriously with their Christmas Bundle, which includes, T-shirt, sweatpants and socks - perfect for getting cosy on those nippy winter nights.

€89 / $99 / £75 - shop


Fnatic Winter Bundle


Not to be outdone, Fnatic have also come up with a winter bundle, comprising a scarf, beanie hat, tote bag and two sew on patches. Nice.

€29 / $32 / £24.99 - shop Plush Slippers


Slippers are a staple gift for many but this gift option will give fans something to get their claws into this Christmastime.

€33 / $36 / £28 - shop

Mousesports Hoodie


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… OK, there’s technically not much that’s very Christmassy about this gift idea, but it’s a nice hoodie and it looks pretty warm.

€59.99 / $66 / $50 - shop

Overwatch Magnetic Levitating Snowball


If you fancy treating the OWL fan in your life, why not get them this (aside from the hefty price tag, of course). Featuring “very scientific levitating abilities” this desk buddy will put a great big smile upon somebody’s face.

€149 / $166 / £127 - shop