Intel FutureGen launched to help students start esports careers

A new initiative has been launched to help students start out on the path to a career in esports.

The Intel FutureGen programme - a combined effort between Intel, ESL and National Student Esports (NSE) - will welcome applications from students at UK universities with ambitions to work in esports.

Intel FutureGen will "complement" successful applicants' university course and promises to offer offer "invaluable experience with unparalleled access to leading industry figures".

There are 10 places available and all students studying full time at UK universities are welcome to apply.

Application, via the NSE website, opens on Friday, September 27th, 2019.

Candidates will be asked to submit a written application and a short video. The course will run until May 2020.

Jon Tilbury, executive director of NSE, said: "It’s true that academic study is important in the development and demonstration of skills critical to employment.

"However, it is a minority of students that graduate with a clear vision of what they want to be doing five, ten, fifteen years into the future.

"Through FutureGen, we can help exceptional students explore their future aspirations by bringing industry learnings into direct adjacency with our collective passion: esports."

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