Esports April Fools' Day highlights

Today is the first of April, which means a perilous, potentially annoying day for anyone without a love of pranks and other such japery. The world of esports seems to be divided between people who just want to have a bit of fun, and maybe grab some attention this year, and the more curmudgeonly stuff from those who maybe don’t have great memories of the occasion, or just aren’t feeling very celebratory due to other parts of their life not going as they’d hope.

We’ll start out in CSGO, where the banter flows freely and censorship is not as common, and as you’d expect it was Thorin straight out of the gates with a bit of April Fools' hostility, towards his old mate Zeus. We haven’t been the nicest about Na’Vi’s IGL either, but as you’d expect, Thorin turned it up to eleven, and went for the jugular against a man he believes is ruining s1mple’s career (we agree).

Never one to be outdone (except maybe in originality), Zeus fired back with his own version, which Thorin retweeted in the spirit of the bantz.

It isn’t just CSGO

April Fools' day apparently extends beyond the English-speaking world, too, as Nintendo of Japan got in on the act, making Kirby a little less circular than we’re used too. Getting in shape is a great idea for people, but we think he’s perfect just the way he is, and find the new ‘hip to be square’ Kirby a bit, erm, sinister.

Comic Geniuses

We also had a post from Evil Geniuses, or Geniuses Gaming, as they are apparently now called, which may or many not be a reference to Chaos Gaming, or possibly an attempt to break their third-place curse pre-TI.

LoL out loud

The League of Legends sub were entertained as well, with some fake patch notes being posted to get them worked up in the early hours of the first. If you want to read the whole thing we’ve linked it here, but our personal favourite is either ‘Annie: +10% damage done for each skin owned’ or possibly ‘Jax: -100% damage done while being played by an active streamer’.

Is that a Mirage, or a prank?

Reddit had a bit of fun too, or at least the users on r/GlobalOffensive did, with this old gem being recycled just as Mirage was removed from the map pool. How it would change the game if introduced into the competitive scene is hard to judge, but the lurkers among you probably wish it was an option for ambushing unsuspecting enemies.

New Ninja?

Speaking of lurkers, Maikelele has been around the scene for a long time, but struggled to get into a top team. His own prank was pretty decent, but he could have tried to sell it a bit more in the picture at least...

And finally...

One of the perennial jokes in CSGO has been Cloud9, ever since they dismantled their Major-winning team in what appears to be an effort to make all of esports aware how little they wanted that prize in the first place. After a few months as one of their best performers, KioShiMa has been released by the org, who made sure to release the news March 31st, just so fans knew it was another bad decision, rather than a good prank. The fact it would have been ambiguous a day later should have been a clue for C9, but they are sadly clueless at this point…

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