Importance of nutrition and exercise in esports

The performance of each athlete in their field depends to a very large extent on various factors, which, although it may seem small, are of great importance. Perhaps the most effective of these factors, nutrition is a factor that should never be underestimated and must always be considered to be successful.

Although it does not seem to be something of a high importance in esports, where physical activity is not seen much unlike other sports, the effects of nutrition are at least as important as any sport.

In today's topic, we will talk about how esports players should be fed and what they should pay attention to besides nutrition.

Why is nutrition important in esports?

Esports does not require physical activity compared to popular sports such as football or basketball. All the activities of Esports players start at the computer and end at the computer again. Instead of physical activity, esports requires strategic thinking like in chess, focus in archery, and vision in billiards.

Being able to follow everything that happens on the playing field and adapt to the game is one of the only things that a good esports player should have. The multiple abilities that players can achieve together with their focus capacity can always take them one level further.

Esports players who eat healthy and pay attention to their diet, satisfy their daily exercise needs, consume the proportionate values such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins needed for a body on time and enough, are more robust in every sense.

What esports players should eat?

In order for nutrition to be intact, the nutritional values listed above must be taken in full according to the amount found in the body. Their bodies do not move much, as esports athletes need to practice for long hours in front of a computer. For this reason, the nutritional value that will come from protein, the energy that the carbohydrate will give, and the intake of all these other nutritional values are of particular importance for esports players.

The consumption of fiber-heavy foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals is of great importance for athletes who have limited movement during the day. The food source obtained from fibrous foods allows esports players to keep their bodies fresh.

Another type of food that is important other than fiber-based foods is dried legumes. In addition to containing vegetable protein, legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, and beans also contain high amounts of protein. Consuming at least 2-3 dry legumes per week will be enormous for the athlete.

Perhaps the most important thing for esports players to consume is water, which is the source of life, and the only product that no esports player should ever lose from their table. With insufficient water consumption and lack of physical activity, as well as with a poor diet, constipation can occur. For this, it is also recommended to start the day by drinking water and consume at least 2.5 liters of water per day.

Things to be careful

Eating while looking at the screen gives rise to unconscious eating and suppresses the person's ability to know how much they are eating. For this, meals should not be eaten across the screen.

Meals should consist of healthy and nutritious food, and not in the form of snacks. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid the constant presence of snack food called junk food at the gaming house where esports is held.

Sugary and carbonated drinks should be avoided. If their drink preferences are in this direction, they may feel that they need to drink less water other than the excess calories they receive, and the amount of water they drink per day may remain small.

Disruption of sleep patterns or working indoors for a long time can cause vitamin D deficiency. Under normal conditions, 90%-95% of vitamin D contained in the human body is synthesized in the skin by the action of sunlight. Sunlight is the main source, and if it is used enough, there is no need to take additional vitamin D.


A study by Stakester, which offers its users the chance to earn money and prizes by playing video games, found that male gamers burn 420 calories during a two-hour gaming session. According to Stakester, this is equivalent to doing 1000 sit-ups.

Credit: pashabiceps

In order to keep the body vigorous, it is a simple and impressive method for esports players to do 10-minute runs or walks daily to continue the process of the bodily functions and prevent body fat.

The development of various regions in our body, which are important not only for athletes, but also for all people, can also be considered as a type of exercise that can be performed by esports athletes in their spare time. In this way, a healthy life can also be maintained if it is supported by solid nutrition.

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