ESL Pro League’s Group B is over, time for Group C

The first ESL Pro League in 2022, EPL Season 15 started two weeks ago and we have already seen some of the favourites get demolished. G2 Esports and Team Vitality are out of the competition, while Ninjas in Pyjamas and FURIA Esports emerged victorious in their respective groups.

Players (Gambit Esports’ CSGO roster), Team Liquid, GODSENT, BIG, Movistar Riders and Party Astronauts are fighting to advance to the playoffs at Group C. Players are the clear favourites here, and their situation is hard to compare to that of G2 and Vitality as both of them had solid competition while Players will face a very weak one here.

Let’s have a look at what happened during the last week first, and the schedule for this week then.

Group B results

After G2 Esports not being able to perform at ESL Pro League yet another time in Group A, another favourite of the tournament was eliminated in Group B: Team Vitality. Brazilian powerhouse FURIA Esports broke the group while dropping a single game against FaZe only, and they were followed by ENCE and FaZe Clan, advancing to the playoffs.

Check the standings below:

Placements Teams Scores Qualification
1 FURIA Esports 4-1 Quarterfinals
2 ENCE 4-1 Round of 16
3 FaZe Clan 3-2 Round of 16
4 Team Vitality 2-3 Not qualified
5 Outsiders 2-3 Not qualified
6 Sprout 0-5 Not qualified


On the last day, Team Vitality found their second win in the group against Outsiders, matching FaZe in wins. Although FaZe defeated Vitality earlier, Outsiders defeated FaZe and Vitality defeated Outsiders, creating the perfect scenario for VIT to find a late ticket to the playoffs.

FaZe didn’t let anyone else decide their fate though, defeating the group leader FURIA Esports and securing their ticket on their own.

Group C schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the Group C below:

March 23, Wednesday
Players vs Partyz - 12:30 CET
GODSENT (1.72) vs Movistar Riders (2.00) - 16:00 CET
Team Liquid (2.10) vs BIG (1.68) - 19:30 CET

March 24, Thursday
Players (1.08) vs Movistar Riders (6.30) - 12:30 CET
BIG (1.12) vs Party Astronauts (5.50) - 16:00 CET
Team Liquid (1.58)  vs GODSENT (2.25) - 19:30 CET

March 25, Friday
BIG (3.40) vs Players (1.28) - 12:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.45) vs Movistar Riders (2.60) - 16:00 CET
Party Astronauts (2.90) vs GODSENT (1.35) - 19:30 CET

March 26, Saturday
BIG (1.40) vs Movistar Riders (2.70) - 12:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.06) vs Party Astronauts (7.00) - 16:00 CET
Players (1.06) vs GODSENT (7.00) - 19:30 CET

March 27, Sunday
Movistar Riders (1.20) vs Party Astronauts (4.20) - 18:30 CET
BIG (1.52) vs GODSENT (2.35) - 18:30 CET
Players (1.20) vs Team Liquid (4.00) - 18:30 CET

Of course, according to ESL’s sanction against the organization, Gambit Esports’ roster is participating under the name Playerz. They are still the favourites here at Group C, but going through such a rough time and having to play under an indifferent banner might affect their morale and motivation. We’ll see if that happens.

BIG, Team Liquid, GODSENT and Movistar Riders, although they will probably be lined up like that, you can’t determine a winner between these teams before the tournament actually starts. Seeing how G2 Esports and Team Vitality were eliminated so early in the ESL Pro League, they all think they have a better chance of making “it” right now.

If you are interested, you can watch the games and place your bets on your favourites on Luckbox.