ESL Pro League Season 17: Group B Mid Bracket Final betting odds

The Group B action is rapidly approaching its conclusion, as we look forward to the ESL Pro League Season 17 Mid Bracket Final later today.

ESL Pro League Season 17: FURIA Esports vs BIG Mid Bracket Final schedule and betting odds

Today's Mid Bracket Final will see both teams fighting for survival. The winner of today's match will receive the right to advance to the Playoffs, while the loser will be sent down to the Lower Bracket, where they'll be facing elimination in the Lower Bracket Semifinal.

One of the final Group B showdowns is due to take place at 15:00 GMT on March 4, when FURIA Esports will be going up against BIG.

FURIA Esports (1.75) vs BIG (1.95)

FURIA Esports have made it through to the Lower Bracket Final following their 2-1 victory over Movistar Riders in the March 3 Mid Bracket Semifinal. With scores of 16-13 on Inferno, 20-22 on Anubis, and 16-8 on Nuke, the match was significantly closer than expected - with Movistar Riders coming tantalisingly close to pulling off an upset win. FURIA were able to claim victory in the end, but fans had higher expectations for their performance given the strong odds in their favour going into the match.

BIG meanwhile have just claimed a decisive 2-0 victory over SAW - claiming victory through scores of 16-11 on Anubis and 16-14 on Overpass. BIG's run through the Group Stage has been pretty respectable so far, despite having been sent down to the Mid Bracket following their 2-1 loss to Heroic in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. The team's performance so far is raising fans' hopes that they can improve on their ESL Pro League Season 16, where they ranked in 13th - 16th place. But time will tell if they'll be able to emerge victorious over FURIA later today.

This one is shaping up to be a close match, but the odds are slightly in FURIA's favour, at 1.75 vs BIG's 1.95.

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