ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals: Sharks vs Renegades

As Sharks Esports and Renegades square off at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals in Odense, here's what you need to know, including start time, live stream information, stats, latest betting odds and predictions

Renegades vs Sharks is due to start at 11am GMT / 12pm CET / 6am ET / 3am PT on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019. The Sharks vs Renegades live stream, stats and betting odds is available via the Luckbox match page and you can check the full ESL Pro League Odense schedule.


Odense opener Takeaways

For those of you not paying close attention, the Aussie lineup that isn't 100 Thieves entered this tournament as Greyhoung Gaming and become the new Renegades roster just under 24 hours ago. Their first opponent under the new banner? Astralis. Oof.

The 16-8 Inferno scoreline wouldn't look so bad if Astralis had snowballed on CT side, but their big first half was on the T side, which makes things a lot worse. I'll leave the low hanging dick jokes for you guys to make with Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney being notably ineffective, a server low 4 kills and 0.38 HLTV 2.0 rating.

Sharks arrive at Odense straight from a frustrating ECS Season 8 Finals campaign that only saw them play good games against good teams. They pushed Astralis to OT and battled hard in map one of a 2-0 loss to MiBR, but couldn't close either match.

They played G2 Esports fairly closely on Inferno and likely could've come back if it weren't for the 12-3 hole that they dug themselves into on T side.

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Who to watch

My key player for Renegades is DickStacy. He doesn't even have to play extraordinarily well. In my mind he has never been the player that needs to pop off for this roster to win matches, but he certainly cannot be the deadweight that he was in their opening match. Astralis has some of the best site takes in the world, but he got bullied on the B bombsite.

My key for Sharks is a player that is suddenly getting a lot of attention. I've profiled and highlighted him on numerous occasions as the most promising player in South America right now.

Picture: StarLadder / Flickr

It seems that MIBR think so as well because Ignacio "meyern" Meyer has been tabbed as a potential replacement for Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles. In their opening match against G2 meyern managed to keep an even K/D, which isn't bad for a game where Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub both found their groove.

But if Sharks want to pull what many would consider to be an upset, meyern will need the kind of performance that has caught the attention of the rest of the world in the past.

Sharks vs Renegades predictions

Renegades had some serious trouble controlling the economy. Astralis didn't really have a single round without rifles past round three on their T side. This Sharks Esports lineup is talented and has the potential to punish mistakes. They've been playing much higher level competition more recently, so I think that their level of play coming in will be a bit higher as well.

If you're looking for a good upset pick for Wednesday's matches, this is where my money would be. I think Sharks take this series 2-1 if they can get a favorable BO3 layout.

Vertigo should be the only guaranteed ban. Sharks tend to ban Overpass against higher tier competitors, but they've also banned Inferno, one of Renegades' strongest maps.

That said, they played Inferno well enough against G2 and Renegades struggled against Astralis. It'll be up to coaching to make those calls about maybe picking into Inferno, a department where Renegades are still likely feeling the absence of Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy while Sharks have the services of Hélder "coachi" Sancho to lean on.

Nuke: 16-11 Renegades
Dust II: 16-11 Sharks Esports
Inferno: Sharks Permaban (Sharks 19-16 if not)
Vertigo: Renegades Permaban
Mirage: 16-9 Sharks Esports
Train: 16-11 Renegades
Overpass: Sharks Permaban (16-13 Renegades)