ESL One Stockholm: SEA's Arsenal of Heroes

Every region has its own play-style especially when it comes to the ever evolving meta of Dota 2. Amongst them, one region particularly stands out the most: Southeast Asia (SEA), for its vivid level of hero choices.

But the million dollar question, in this case $500,000, is whether or not SEA’s own arsenal of heroes will suffice to win the bragging rights?

Let’s find out by analysing three of SEA’s best heroes played in DPC SEA 2021-22 Division I Tour 2 in the current 7.31b patch.

Sand King

Crixalis, as he is fondly known, has seen quite a surge in competitive play – thanks to the +1 Armour he got in the latest patch. The additional armour during the early stages has resulted in a significant improvement to his laning stage.

The confidence in the hero shines through with a massive 54% win rate and at the same time being at 36% in the pick rate.

Sand King has a high scaling potential owing to his abilities such as caustic finale and sandstorm, that helps him to take stacks easily and itemise properly.

Speaking of itemisation, Sand King can be itemised both; defensively as well as passively, with both options proving to be useful in terms of initiating or sustaining, while providing much crowd control.


Sitting on a massive 64% win-rate with a 35% pick rate has made Weaver a go-to hero for many pro teams.

Highly agile, insane mobility, adept at multiple roles as well as a situational pick – this hero has the elements of success written all over it.

Weaver has the perfect mechanism of swiftly adapting to any role especially Pos. 1 and Pos.4 that proves to be of great advantage.

Pos.1 Weaver with suitable items can wreak havoc amongst the enemy ranks and can seldom be caught into any brewing storm, whereas Pos.4 Weaver can effectively build into an Aghanim's Sceptre and Spirit Vessel, and provide complete utility.

Weaver’s Time Lapse and Shukuchi are two of the most important spells with the former providing a chance to travel back 5 seconds in time and thus being able to save itself from precarious situations, whereas the latter provides an incredible escape, scout and chase mechanism with increased movement speed.


The nightmarish Bane can’t be rid off so easily. Despite being nerfed, it still seems as if Bane is still extremely relevant in pro games.

One can still go two levels of Brain Sap into Nightmare and help set up fights in an extremely proficient manner. While at it, one can build into items that compliments Fiend’s Grip such as Aether Lens.

Building items such as Glimmer Cape and Force Staff on the hero is the perfect way to utilise the hero to such an effect that it creates chaos into the enemy camp.

Despite having a low 40% win-rate, Bane is one of the most preferred heroes to play as Pos.5 and that in itself is a testament to his abilities.


As we said earlier: different regions, different play-styles. Is this enough for SEA to catapult itself to the zenith? We will see the results as ESL One unfolds.