ESL One Mumbai: Tickets, schedule, standings and streams

Anticipation is growing ahead of ESL One Mumbai, which is being billed as "India's first-ever Dota 2 mega event".

The $300,000 tournament will be held at Mumbai's NSCI Dome from April 16th to April 21st.

Build-up to the event has been surrounded in uncertainty with the withdrawal of NIP, Alliance and Gambit.

Weekend Premium ESL One Mumbai tickets have already sold out. However, single-day, weekend and floor seating tickets - priced from ₹499 (about €6.40) to ₹1499 (€20) - are still available via

Who will be there?

After a disrupted build-up in which five teams withdrew, ESL One Mumbai is due to feature eight Dota 2 teams playing in a revised format.

The teams and rosters due to be at ESL One Mumbai:


  • Meracle
  • Limmp
  • Deth
  • Zfreek
  • Adam

Natus Vincere

  • Crystallize
  • MagicaL
  • Blizzy
  • Chuvash
  • Misha


  • Ahjit
  • Moon
  • kpii
  • Bimbo
  • ninjaboogie

The Pango

  • Naive-
  • Iceberg
  • Ghostik
  • XSvamp1Re
  • CemaTheSlayer

Keen Gaming

  • old chicken
  • eLeVeN
  • Kaka
  • dark

TNC Predator

  • Gabbi
  • Armel
  • Kuku
  • Tims
  • Eyyou

Team Team

  • EternaLEnVy
  • Gunnar
  • Brax
  • Newsham
  • ixmike88


  • BlizzarD
  • Swifty
  • Crowley
  • No_Chanc3
  • Negi

ESL One Mumbai schedule

The full ESL One Mumbai schedule, betting odds, live streams and results will be available on our matches page.

The group stages begin on April 16th with all eight teams going through to the play-off stage. The play-off bracket starts on April 19th, played in front of the live audience at the NSCI Dome.

Group A

  • Na'Vi
  • TNC Predator
  • compLexity
  • Team Team

Group B

  • Keen Gaming
  • Mineski
  • The Pango
  • Signify

Broadcast talent

The ESL One Mumbai broadcast talent features Luckbox ambassador Paul Chaloner, who will be desk host at the event.

Desk Host: Redeye (Paul Chaloner).
Stage Host: Eri (Eri Neeman).
Commentators: TobiWan (Toby Dawson), Blitz (William Lee), Capitalist (Austin Walsh), Kyle (Kyle Freedman) and Danog (Matt Joyce).
Analyst: Purge (Kevin Godec).
Reporter: SirActionSlacks (Jake Kanner).
Observers: PimpmuckL (Jonathan Liebig) and Aonir (Carolin Hanisch).
Statisticians: Noxville (Ben Steenhuisen) and Bukka (Aleksandar Bukurecki).

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India's potential

Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President of Product at ESL, said: “We can’t wait to bring ESL One to a completely new location - especially since this will mark the first big Dota 2 tournament in India.

"We see great potential in the Indian esports market and are looking forward to further foster the growth of the local scene together with our partner NODWIN Gaming.”

Akshat Rathee, Managing Director of co-organisers NODWIN Gaming, said: “ESL One commands global reverence in the world of esports and for India to play host to this event is indeed a landmark for the country’s esports history.

"NODWIN Gaming has firsthand experience of the passion of the Indian Dota 2 community over multiple years and this is our gift to them - to come and meet the best Dota 2 gamers of the world at ESL One Mumbai 2019.”

Picture: Copyright: ESL / Bart Oerbekke