ESL One Mumbai bracket takes shape as live section starts with a bang

The ESL One Mumbai bracket has begun to take shape with the event moving to the live arena stage.

Dota 2 fans in India will get to see Natus Vincere, Mineski, TEAM TEAM, Keen Gaming, The Pango, compLexity, TNC Predator and home favourites Signify at least once before the vanquished depart.

Luckbox's Director Of Esports and Dota aficionado Sujoy Roy recaps the group stage action and looks ahead to the remaining ESL One Mumbai bracket matches.

ESL One Mumbai live stage starts with a bang

ESL One Mumbai live: Streams, schedules and odds

Disruption and dramatic Dota

Prior to the tournament a number of the bigger teams set to attend dropped out due to a clash with the Dota Pit Minor in Croatia, speaking to a real lack of planning and aforethought on their part, and that has hurt the overall prestige of the teams in India at the moment.

For a full run down on who needs their bottoms smacked over that debacle, check out our podcast with Redeye and Sujoy, recorded before the event began (obviously, with Paul currently hosting in Mumbai).

As for ESL One Mumbai itself, the event has so far gone relatively well, despite the failure of a few big teams to honour their commitment to the event, which is something TOs are used to in Dota by now.

The DPC is a wonderful innovation from Valve that adds weight to events and allows teams to plan their year ahead of time, but it can rather distort priorities for teams and put TOs that don’t have DPC point on offer at a disadvantage, as we’ve seen this week for ESL.