ESL One Malaysia 2022's South America qualifier starts today

ESL One Malaysia 2022 will kick off on August 23. Six of the 12 teams that will take part in this magnificent tournament are known. The other 6 teams will be determined through qualifiers. A total of six more teams from six regions will join the tournament.

In this article, we will take a look at the teams in ESL One Malaysia 2022's South American qualifier, as well as the upper quarterfinals matches and the schedule.

Teams to take part in ESL One Malaysia 2022 South America: Closed Qualifier

Thunder Awaken, beastcoast, Infamous, Tempest and Hokori are invited to attend the ESL One Malaysia 2022 South America qualifier. SG esports and TOXIC BOYS SKR qualified in Open Qualifier #1. Ukumari was the team that joined from Open Qualifier #2.

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Credit: ESL

ESL One Malaysia 2022 South America: Closed Qualifier upper quarterfinals schedule and betting odds

Ukumari is a much more inexperienced team than Thunder Awaken. It is almost certain that Thunder Awaken will win the match.

  • Hokori -  Tempest (July 25 - 21:30 CEST)

Tempest and Hokori faced off at the DPC South America Tour 3 Division I. Tempest won 2-0 in the match played two weeks ago. They are expected to win again.

Both teams were featured in the DPC South America Tour 3 Division I. Infamous had won the match between them in that tournament by a score of 2-1. Infamous is again expected to win, but it could also be a surprise encounter.

Beastcoast, along with Thunder Awaken, is one of South America's favourite teams. Just like their arch rivals, they are expected to pass this round without difficulty.

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