ESL One Malaysia 2022 schedule and betting odds

ESL One Malaysia 2022 kicks off tomorrow with 12 of the best teams in the world fighting in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. Teams are split into two groups of six and only four from each group will advance to the playoffs. In the end, they will share the $400,000 prize pool. Let’s take a look at what awaits us in Malaysia.

Seven teams were invited to this LAN tournament in Malaysia with Europe/CIS, China, Southeast Asia, North America and South America qualifiers being held to complete the number of teams to 12. Due to a last minute cancellation, instead of the seventh invited team, the second place of SEA qualifier also made it to Genting Highlands. The tournament will take six days, three for the group stage and three for the playoffs.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 groups

There will be two groups of six teams each. After the single round-robin group stage with BO2 games, four teams will qualify for the playoffs from each group where a double-elimination bracket will be played. Make sure to visit Luckbox to watch the games live when ESL One Malaysia 2022 starts. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

Group A

Alliance and Team Secret are invited directly to ESL Malaysia 2022, while Entity won Europe/CIS qualifier, Talon Esports won the Southeast Asia qualifier, Team Aster won the China qualifier and Thunder Awaken won the South America qualifier. Team Aster’s strong performance in China and third place finish at PGL Arlington Major 2022 suggest that they are the group favourite.

Europe/CIS winner Entity has had an improving form over 2022, and after a top six finish at PGL Arlington Major, they will try to take it further at ESL One. Alliance and Team Secret are strong teams, but we haven’t seen them achieve anything since The International 2021, an unbelievable drop of form. Most recently, Alliance got relegated from Western Europe Division I. Team Secret’s top four finish at Riyadh Masters 2022 looks promising for their fans, however.

Talon Esports had good results regionally in Southeast Asia, but they weren’t able to take that form to international tournaments. A disappointing PGL Arlington Major 2022 result suggests that they will be a mediocre team here. Thunder Awaken is definitely the best South American team of 2022, but they were also a disappointment for their fans in international competitions. Making it to the playoffs would be enough of an achievement for them.

Check out the schedule below:

August 23, Tuesday - 06:00 CEST
Aster (1.62) vs Talon (9.00)
Entity (1.45) vs Alliance (11.00)
Secret (1.70) vs Thunder Awaken (8.50)

August 23, Tuesday - 08:30 CEST
Secret (1.38) vs Alliance (11.00)
Aster (1.68) vs Thunder Awaken (8.50)
Entity (2.10) vs Talon (6.30)

August 24, Wednesday - 06:00 CEST
Aster (2.70) vs Secret (4.40)
Talon (2.00) vs Alliance (6.60)
Entity (2.20) vs Thunder Awaken (5.80)

August 24, Wednesday - 08:30 CEST
Entity (3.80) vs Secret (3.20)
Aster (1.38) vs Alliance (11.00)
Talon (3.30) vs Thunder Awaken (3.60)

August 25, Thursday - 07:00 CEST
Entity (4.00) vs Aster (2.90)
Secret (2.15) vs Talon (6.00)
Thunder Awaken (1.88) vs Alliance (7.00)

Group B

OG, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Nigma Galaxy are invited directly while BOOM Esports made it through the SEA qualifier and TSM made it through the NA qualifier in Group B. One of the most legendary teams in Dota 2 esports, OG is obviously one of the favourites when they participate in a tournament, and their recent performances seem promising, they won the first ESL One tournament of the year in Stockholm.

BOOM Esports and Fnatic, two Southeast Asia representatives, disappointed the SEA fans during the international competitions of 2022. While they are the strong favourites at making it to the playoffs, they don’t stand much chance against the best of the world at winning ESL One.

TSM entered the Dota 2 scene recently and already owned the North American scene. Although their most recent regional performance was disappointing, their second-place finish at ESL One Stockholm isn’t forgotten. Team Liquid has struggled at international competitions like ESL One and PGL Major for a long time now, but the fact that there are these many strong teams in Group B makes it a much more exciting competition than Group A.

Check out the schedule below:

August 23, Tuesday - 11:15 CEST
OG (2.90) vs Liquid (4.00)
BOOM (2.30) vs Fnatic (5.30)
Nigma Galaxy (3.10) vs TSM (3.80)

August 23, Tuesday - 13:40 CEST
OG (2.15) vs Fnatic (6.00)
BOOM (3.40) vs TSM (3.40)
Nigma Galaxy (3.50) vs Liquid (3.30)

August 24, Wednesday - 11:15 CEST
Fnatic (4.80) vs Liquid (2.60)
BOOM (2.60) vs Nigma Galaxy (4.80)
OG (2.50) vs TSM (4.80)

August 24, Wednesday - 13:40 CEST
OG (2.60) vs Nigma Galaxy (4.50)
BOOM (2.80) vs Liquid (4.40)
Fnatic (4.80) vs TSM (2.50)

August 25, Thursday - 08:45 CEST
OG (3.20) vs BOOM (3.60)
Nigma Galaxy (2.80) vs Fnatic (4.40)
TSM (3.00) vs Liquid (4.00)

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