ESL One Malaysia 2022 playoffs begin

The group stage of ESL One Malaysia 2022 has ended and the playoffs have begun. As a result of the upper bracket semifinals, the two teams that qualified for the upper bracket finals are now clear.

Today we will take a look at the results of today's matches, how the group stage ended, and the upcoming matches.

Results of the third day of Group A

None of the teams were able to defeat each other on the third day of Group A. All three series ended in draws.

  • Entity 1 - 1 Team Aster
  • Team Secret 1 -1 Talon Esports
  • Thunder Awaken 1 - 1 Alliance

With all the matches ending in a draw, the ranking of the teams in the group did not change. It was noteworthy that there were no surprises in the group in general. Talon Esports and Alliance bid farewell to ESL One Malaysia 2022.

Place Team W/D/L
1st Team Aster 3-2-0
2nd Team Secret 2-3-0
3rd Entity 2-2-1
4th Thunder Awaken 1-2-2
5th Talon Esports 0-3-2
6th Alliance 0-2-3


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Team Secret | Credit: ESL

Results of the third day of Group B

As a result of the third day matches of Group B, a tiebreaker match was played. Let's take a look at the results of the third day of Group B.

  • OG 0 - 2 BOOM Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy 1 - 1 Fnatic
  • TSM 1 - 1 Team Liquid

With Nigma Galaxy and Fnatic's match ending in a draw, the performance of both teams remained at the same level. As a result, one player from each team played a tiebreaker match. Fnatic's preferred player was Armel. Nigma Galaxy, on the other hand, selected SumaiL for this match.

  • Armel 1 - 0 SumaiL

Armel won the match, which lasted less than 6 minutes. Thus, Fnatic finished second in the group stage and qualified for the playoff stage from the upper bracket semifinals.

BOOM Esports, seen as one of the strongest championship contenders of the tournament, left the tournament early with an unexpectedly bad performance. Fnatic, on the other hand, finished second in the group and made their fans very happy.

Place Team W/D/L
1st OG 3-1-1
2nd Fnatic 1-3-1
3rd Nigma Galaxy 1-3-1
4th TSM 0-5-0
5th BOOM Esports 1-2-2
6th Team Liquid 0-4-1


Upper bracket semifinal matches have ended

The teams that performed the most successfully in the group stage faced each other in the upper bracket semifinals.

  • Team Aster 2 - 1 Fnatic
  • OG 1 - 2 Team Secret

Although Fnatic had a successful group stage, their rivals were the tournament's strongest championship contender, Team Aster. Even winning a game against Team Aster is pretty promising if you ask me.

Defeated against Team Aster, Fnatic will wait for their opponent in the lower bracket quarterfinals. Their possible rivals are Entity and TSM. I think it is very unlikely that they will win against these teams as well. Tomorrow might probably be the end of ESL One Malaysia 2022 for Fnatic.

If I had been asked for the OG vs Team Secret, I would have said OG would have won, but this was a very competitive match. Even though OG won the first game, they could not resist Team Secret's comeback and were relegated to the lower bracket quarterfinals.

Possible rivals are Nigma Galaxy and Thunder Awaken. I think OG will continue the tournament no matter who their opponents are.

Team Aster | Credit: ESL

Lower bracket round 1 matches

The encounter between Entity and TSM is definitely going to be amazing. Entity has been performing so well lately that even though TSM has a pretty good roster, Entity seems more likely to win this match. You should not miss this match.

The Nigma Galaxy vs Thunder Awaken matchup is an easier match to predict the winner than Entity vs TSM. Honestly, I don't think Thunder Awaken has much of a chance against Nigma Galaxy.

Upper bracket final

The first team to advance to the grand final will be determined after a magnificent match. Both teams definitely have a chance to win the match. If you were to ask me my favourite, I would say Team Aster. They had a spectacular group stage.

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