ESL One Malaysia 2022 EU/CIS and NA qualifiers: Schedule and betting odds

With the conclusion of Dota Pro Circuit Tour 3, eyes are now turned towards ESL One Malaysia 2022. Qualifiers continue to be played to determine the teams that will take part in the tournament.

Today we take a look at the opening matches of the Europe/CIS and North America qualifiers, their schedule and betting odds. One team from each region will qualify for ESL One Malaysia 2022.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 Europe/CIS: Closed qualifier

  • Gaimin Gladiators (Invited)
  • Natus Vincere (Invited)
  • Entity (Invited)
  • BetBoom Team (Invited)
  • Pari Parni (Open qualifier #1)
  • Into The Breach (Open qualifier #1)
  • cybercats (Open qualifier #2)
  • Nemiga Gaming (Open qualifier #2)

There are no tournament favorites among the teams participating in the Europe/CIS qualifier. The team that will take part in ESL One Malaysia 2022 is likely to be Gaimin Gladiators, Natus Vincere, Entity or BetBoom Team.

  • Gaimin Gladiators - cybercats (July 28 - 14:30 CEST)

Gaimin Gladiators did not perform well in the tour 3 of DPC Western Europe, but their opponents are much less experienced. Winning the match will not be difficult for Gaimin Gladiators.

On one side is NAVI, who finished second in DPC Eastern Europe, and on the other, Pari Parni, who finished seventh. The match between the two teams was won by NAVI 2-0. History is expected to repeat itself.

We don't expect many surprises in the opening matches, but if there is to be a surprise, it could be in this match. Entity is the likely winner of the match but if an underdog team is to advance to the upper bracket semifinals, Into The Breach is the strongest contender.

It is highly likely that BetBoom Team will win against Nemiga Gaming.

Credit: ESL

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ESL One Malaysia 2022 North America: Closed qualifier

  • TSM (Invited)
  • Evil Geniuses (Invited)
  • Quincy Crew (Invited)
  • nouns (Invited)
  • Wildcard Gaming (Invited)
  • 5RATFORCESTAFF (Open qualifier #1)
  • ALPHA (Open qualifier #1)
  • The Cut (Open qualifier #2)

Favourite teams on the way to join ESL One Malaysia 2022 from North America are TSM, Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew. However, other teams should not be underestimated, there are more competitive underdog teams in North America than Europe/CIS.

Based on both Europe/CIS and North America, we can say that this is the match in which one side outweighs the most. If TSM does not win, everyone will be pretty surprised.

The two teams last met in the third round of DPC North America wherenouns won 2-1. We expect a similar result.

Quincy Crew is one of North America's premier teams. Just like TSM, Quincy Crew is considered certain to go to the next round.

Evil Geniuses is one of the three favourites of the qualifier as we mentioned above. It seems unlikely that they will lose against ALPHA.

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