ESL One Malaysia 2022: Day 3 schedule and betting odds

The second day of ESL One Malaysia 2022 is over, and only one day of the group stage is remaining now. With more and more games ending in draws, things are getting more complicated before the end of the group stage. Let’s take a look at what happened and the schedule for the third day.

Currently, Team Aster expectedly leads Group A while OG secured qualification to the playoffs in Group B. OG will start from the winners' bracket no matter the results of the last day. However, Team Aster will either defeat Entity or wait for the results of the other matches.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group A

After an incredible first day with six one-sided matches, Group A finally witnessed some closer matchups on the second day. Team Aster and Team Secret failed to defeat each other, and Secret finished the day with two draws after failing to defeat Entity also. Aster performed better, securing a win over Alliance to get a comfortable spot in the group.

Talon Esports continued to disappoint by giving Alliance their first and only point with a draw. Thunder Awaken managed to get to the top four by defeating Entity and stealing a draw from Talon Esports, and considering they will face Alliance on the final day. They have a good chance of making it to the playoffs.

Check out the final day's schedule in Group A below:

August 25, Thursday
Entity (4.80) vs Aster (2.60) - 06:00 CEST
Secret (1.45) vs Talon (11.00) - 06:00 CEST
Thunder Awaken (1.65) vs Alliance (9.00) - 06:00 CEST

Looking at the matchups, I expect another one-sided day after day one. Aster is a better team than Entity and they performed like the better team throughout ESL One. Team Secret should be able to take down Talon to secure qualification, and Alliance look incredibly weak to the point that they won't be able to force TA to a draw.

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ESL One Malaysia 2022 Group B

OG continued their strong run on the second day by securing a draw against TSM and moving on to taking down Nigma Galaxy 2-0. These results gave OG a winners bracket start in the playoffs. Nigma Galaxy managed to at least defeat BOOM Esports to keep their playoffs hopes alive, but TSM found another draw against Fnatic later in the day, and with four draws, group stage might not end well for them.

Just like Nigma Galaxy, Fnatic managed to stay on top of Group B thanks to getting two draws today. Aside from OG, no team was able to take Fnatic down and they should get to the playoffs with ease. Team Liquid and BOOM Esports don't look well, after two draws for Liquid and one draw and one loss for BOOM, they are stuck at the bottom.

Check out the final day's schedule below:

August 25, Thursday
OG (2.15) vs BOOM Esports (6.00) 08:45 CEST
Nigma Galaxy (2.80) vs Fnatic (4.20) - 08:45 CEST
TSM (3.00) vs Team Liquid (3.80) - 08:45 CEST

After a disappointing group stage run, BOOM Esports will face OG in the final day and will probably leave ESL One Malaysia 2022 early. TSM has the advantage against Liquid, and a win will secure them qualification.

Nigma Galaxy and Fnatic will play to decide which one takes the second place after OG. I am expecting a draw, and that draw might lead to teams playing 1v1s to decide which one gets the better place. Such a tiebreaker would be interesting to see, so make sure to catch up with that one on Luckbox with live streams available.