ESL One Hamburg 2019: Schedule, standings and stories

TNC Predator are your ESL One Hamburg Champions!

The ESL One Hamburg 2019 schedule is set as 12 top Dota 2 teams aim to dominate the standings and take the lion's share of the $300,000 prize pool.

ESL One Hamburg will take place in the Hamburg Barclaycard Arena from October 22nd to October 27th.

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Playoff stage

ESL One Hamburg playoff stage will be played in a double elimination bracket. The playoff stage will start on October 25th and will end on October 27th. ALl games will be best-of-three except the Grand Finals that will be best-of-five.

Day 4, Oct 27

Lower bracket finals (BO3)

  • 1pm CEST - Gambit Esports 2-1 Alliance

Grand Finals

  • 5pm CEST - TNC Predator 3-2 Gambit Esports

Day 3, Oct 26

Lower Bracket Round 2 (BO3)

  • 1pm CEST - Alliance 2-1

Upper bracket finals (BO3)

  • 4.50pm CEST - Gambit Esports 0-2 TNC Predator

Lower Bracket Round 3 (BO3)

  • 8.45pm CEST - beastcoast vs Alliance

Day 2, Oct 25

Lower bracket Round 1 (BO3)

  • 1.30pm CEST - beastcoast 2-1 Wind And Rain
  • 5.20pm CEST - Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-2

Lower Bracket Round 2 (BO3)

  • 9.10pm CEST - Vici Gaming 1-2 beastcoast

Day 1, Oct 24

Upper Bracket Round 1 (BO3)

  • 5.30pm CEST - Vici Gaming 0-2 Gambit Esports
  • 5.30pm CEST - TNC Predator 2-0 Alliance

Group stage

Two groups of six teams will play a single Round-Robin format where all matches will be best-of-two. The top four teams of each group are qualified to the ESL One Hamburg playoffs stage. The top two teams go to the upper bracket and the two following teams of each group go to the playoffs stage lower bracket.


Group A

  1. Vici Gaming (4W-1-0D / 9 pts)
  2. Alliance (2W-3-0 / 7 pts)
  3. beastcoast (3W-0-2D / 6 pts)
  4. (1W-2-2D / 4 pts)
  5. Fighting PandaS (1W-0-4D / 2 pts)
  6. (0W-2-3D / 2 pts)

Group B

  1. TNC Predator (4W-1-0D / 9 pts)
  2. Gambit Esports (2W-2-1D / 6 pts)
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas (2W-0-3D / 4 pts)
  4. Wind and Rain (0W-4-1D / 4 pts)
  5. Quincy Crew (1W-2-2D / 4 pts)
  6. Team Liquid (1W-1-3D / 3 pts)

Picture: Copyright Helena Kristiansson / ESL

ESL One Hamburg Results

Day 3, October 24th (BO2)
Series A5
  • 1pm - 1-1 Alliance
  • 1pm - 0-2 beastcoast
  • 1pm - Vici Gaming 2-0 Fighting PandaS
Series B5
  • 3.25pm - Team Liquid 0-2 Quincy Crew
  • 3.25pm - Gambit Esports 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • 3.25pm - Wind and Rain 1-1 TNC Predator
Day 2, October 23nd (BO2)
Series A3
  • 1pm - beastcoast 2-0 Fighting PandaS
  • 1pm - 1-1
  • 1pm - Alliance 1-1 Vici Gaming
Series A4
  • 3.25pm - beastcoast 2-0
  • 3.25pm - Alliance 2-0 Fighting PandaS
  • 3.25pm - 0-2 Vici Gaming
Series B3
  • 5.05pm - TNC Predator 2-0 Gambit Esports
  • 5.05pm - Team Liquid 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • 5.05pm - Wind and Rain 1-1 Quincy Crew
Series B4
  • 7.30pm - Gambit Esports 2-0 Team Liquid
  • 7.30pm - TNC Prdator 2-0 Quincy Crew
  • 7.30pm - Wind and Rain 0-2 Ninjas in Pyjamas
Day 1, October 22nd (BO2)
Series A1
  • 1pm - 0-2 Vici Gaming
  • 1pm - beastcoast 0-2 Alliance
  • 1pm - 0-2 Fighting PandaS
Series A2
  • 3.25pm - 1-1 Alliance
  • 3.25pm - beastcoast 0-2 Vici Gaming
  • 3.25pm - 2-0 Fighting PandaS
Series B1
  • 5.05pm - TNC Predator 2-0 Team Liquid
  • 5.05pm - Quincy Crew FF-W Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • 5.05pm - Wind and Rain 1-1 Gambit Esports
Series B2
  • 7.30pm - Quincy Crew 1-1 Gambit Esports
  • 7.30pm - TNC Predaotr 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • 7.30pm - Wind and Rain 1-1 Team Liquid

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Teams Rosters

  • epileptick1d
  • No|o|ne
  • Resolut1on
  • Save-
  • Solo
  • boolk

Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Skiter
  • Gunnar
  • Universe
  • Biver
  • ppd

Team Liquid

  • miCKe
  • qojqva
  • Boxi
  • Taiga
  • iNSaNiA
  • Blitz


  • K1
  • Chris Luck
  • Wisper
  • Scofield
  • Stinger

Quincy Crew

  • YawaR
  • Sumail
  • SabeRLight-
  • MSS
  • SVG

Gambit Esports

  • dream'
  • gpk
  • Shachlo
  • XSvamp1Re
  • fng
  • distilled

  • Frost
  • Mastermind
  • bOne7
  • Qupe
  • Flash
  • ImmortalFaith

Fighting PandaS

  • EternalEnvy
  • Bryle
  • MoonMeander
  • Sneyking
  • Aui_2000

Wind and Rain

  • Nefrit
  • W1sh-
  • Buugi
  • Niqua
  • yol
  • Boskey


  • Nikobaby
  • Limmp
  • 33
  • Handsken
  • Fata
  • Loda

Vici Gaming

  • Eurus
  • Ori
  • X1aOyU
  • Pyw
  • Dy
  • rOtk

TNC Predator

  • Gabbi
  • Armel
  • kpii
  • Tims
  • March

Broadcast talent

Desk Host

  • Redeye (Paul Chaloner)

Stage Host

  • Richard (Richard Campbell)


  • TobiWan (Toby Dawson)
  • Kyle (Kyle Freedman)
  • Capitalist (Austin Walsh)
  • Blitz (William Lee)


  • Purge (Kevin Godec)
  • Nahaz (Alan Bester)
  • BananaSlamJamma (Brian Canavan)

Sideline Reporter

  • SirActionSlacks (Jake Kanner)

ESL One Hamburg: What's at stake?

Dota 2 Immortal-level player and member of the Luckbox community Onehitermn picks out some ESL One Hamburg 2019 storylines to look out for

EternalEnVy vs Gunnar - Round 2

The ESL One Hamburg schedule promises to serve up a nice slice of drama as EternalEnvy and Gunnar could clash again as Fighting PandaS and NIP are both due to play in Germany.

Why is this a big deal? Allow me to explain...

EternalEnvy and Gunnar have previous. They were playing together with Flying Penguins until, after a short time, EternalEnVy decided to kick Gunnar to add Erik “Ryoya” Dong to the team. EE’s reason to kick Gunnar was because of a perceived shallow hero pool.

The Team Team episode

Then what? Well, Team Team needed a carry ahead of ESL One Mumbai after Sammyboy's departure.

In came EternalEnVy, who helped TeamTeam qualify for the vent in India but they were eliminated in the lower bracket second round after finishing top of group A.

Another kicking

After this, EternalEnvy, ixmike88 and Brax decided to kick Newsham and Gunnar, which came as somewhat of a surprise ahead of the subsequent Major. Perhaps it shouldn't have - after all EternalEnvy had done it before, kicking Ohaiyo from the major and invited Universe to the team as known as the Infamous "Pizza PartEE".

The next day Kyle, the first person to know about the kick and a big admirer of Gunnar, made a plea to Dota 2 fans "to stop rooting for the villain".

Fighting PandaS and NIP aren’t in the same group but let’s hope they meet later in the tournament - there could be fireworks.

More of the same for Alliance?

Aside from the EternalEnVy vs Gunnar dynamic, there's a few other storylines to look out for at ESL One Hamburg.

Alliance were arguably lucky to win DreamLeague Season 12, fighting back from 2-0 down to beat Demon Slayers. Alliance didn’t suffer single loss in the tournament but just as they goes to the Grand Final they struggled against the NA stack.

It will be interesting to see how they fare against stronger teams like Virtus Pro, Vici Gaming, TNC and Beastcoast. Will they be able to stay clear without losing a single series again?

A first glimpse at the new line-ups

Many of the teams have recently undergone roster changes, which has weakened teams such as VP, VG and TNC. ESL One Hamburg is the first chance for fans to see some of these new-look rosters in action.

Issues and replacements during ESL One Hamburg

  • Vici Gaming have X1aOyU as a stand-in for Yang.
  • Geek Fam had Visa Issues, so Alliance replaced them at the ESL One Hamburg.
  • Invictus Gaming had also Visa Issues, so Wind and Rain replaced IG.
  • Quincy Crew wasn't able to compete in their first match due to incomplete team, Sumail is standin for CCNC.
  • Swedish player Frost and German Qupe stand-ins for Chappie (Chappie has retired completely from competitive dota) and Rajiix.

Picture: Copyright Helena Kristiansson / ESL