ESL One Birmingham 2019 schedule, streams and betting

UK Dota 2 fans are in for a treat when 12 of the world's best teams head to Britain. You can find the ESL One Birmingham 2019 schedule, streams and betting odds all in one place - at Luckbox.

ESL One Birmingham will take place from May 28th to June 2nd, 2019. Group stages will be held from May 28th to May 30th in a best-of-two round-robin format. The top two teams from each group progress to the playoffs upper bracket, third and fourth-placed teams enter the lower bracket, and the bottom two teams from each group are eliminated.


ESL One Birmingham 2019 groups

Group A

  • Vici Gaming
  • Team Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • OG
  • Forward Gaming
  • TNC Predator

Group B

  • Team Secret
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Keen Gaming
  • Alliance
  • Gambit Esports

ESL One Birmingham schedule

Times are in CEST.

Team Secret is the ESL One Birmingham Champion

Playoffs Stage Day 4, June 2 (BO3)

Grand Final (BO5)

  • Evil Geniuses 2-3 Team Secret

Lower Bracket Finals

  • PSG.LGD 1-2 Team Secret

Playoffs Stage Day 3, June 1 (BO3)

Upper Bracket Finals

  • 4:50pm - PSG.LGD 0-2 Evil Geniuses

Lower Bracket Round 3

  • 8:45pm - Gambit 0-2 Team Secret

Lower Bracket Round 2

  • TNC Predator 1-2 Team Secret

Playoffs Stage Day 2, May 31 (BO3)

Lower Bracket Round 2

  • Vici Gaming 0-2 Gambit

Lower Bracket Round 1

  • 1pm - Team Liquid 1-2 Gambit
  • 4:50pm - Team Secret 2-0 OG

Group Stage Day 3, Playoffs Stage Day 1 May 30 (BO2, Round Robin / BO3)

Playoffs Upper Bracket Round 1

  • Vici Gaming 0-2 PSG.LGD
  • Evil Geniuses 2-1 TNC Predator

Series A5

  • Vici Gaming 2-0 Forward Gaming
  • Team Liquid 1-1 OG
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-2 TNC Predator

Series B5

  • Team Secret 2-0 Alliance
  • Evil Geniuses 0-2 PSG.LGD
  • Keen Gaming 0-2 Gambit

Group Stage Day 2, May 29 (BO2, Round Robin)

Series A3

  • TNC Predator 1-1 OG
  • Vici Gaming 2-0 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Forward Gaming 1-1 Team Liquid

Series A4

  • Forward Gaming 0-2 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Vici Gaming 2-0 OG
  • TNC Predator 1-1 Team Liquid

Series B3

  • Alliance 2-0 PSG.LGD
  • Team secret 2-0 Gambit
  • Evil Geniuses 2-0 Keen Gaming

Series B4

  • Team Secret 1-1 Keen Gaming
  • PSG.LGD 2-0 Gambit
  • Alliance 0-2 Evil Geniuses

Group Stage Day 1, May 28 (BO2, Round Robin)

Series A1

  • Vici Gaming 1-1 Team Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-1 OG
  • TNC Predator 1-1 Forward Gaming

Series A2

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-1 Team Liquid
  • Forward Gaming 0-2 OG
  • Vici Gaming 1-1 TNC Predator

Series B1

  • Team Secret 0-2 Evil Geniuses
  • PSG.LGD 2-0 Keen Gaming
  • Alliance 0-2 Gambit

Series B2

  • Evil Geniuses 2-0 Gambit
  • Team Secret 1-1 PSG.LGD
  • Aliance 0-2 Keen Gaming

Tournament details


Arena Birmingham
King Edwards Road, Birmingham, B1 2AA, UK


Desk Host

  • Redeye (Paul Chaloner)

Stage Host

  • Eri (Eri Neeman)


  • TobiWan (Toby Dawson)
  • Blitz (William Lee)
  • Capitalist (Austin Walsh)
  • Kyle (Kyle Freedman)


  • Purge (Kevin Godec)
  • PyrionFlax (Ted Forsyth)
  • TeaGuvnor (Robson Merritt)

Sideline Reporter

  • Sheever (Jorien van der Heijden)


  • PimpmuckL (Jonathan Liebig)
  • Aonir (Carolin Hanisch)
  • Bukka (Aleksandar Bukurecki)


  • Noxville (Ben Steenhuisen)



Vici Gaming

  • Paparazi灬
  • Ori
  • Yang
  • Fade
  • Dy
  • rOtk

Team Liquid

  • Miracle-
  • MinD_ContRoL
  • GH
  • KuroKy
  • rmN-

Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • Ace
  • Fata
  • 33
  • Saksa
  • ppd
  • Pajkatt


  • ana
  • Topson
  • 7ckngMad
  • JerAx
  • N0tail
  • Sockshka

Forward Gaming

  • YawaR
  • CCnC
  • Sneyking
  • MSS
  • pieliedie
  • Aui_2000

TNC Predator

  • Gabbi
  • Armel
  • Kuku
  • Tims
  • eyyou
  • Heen

Team Secret

  • Nisha
  • MidOne
  • zai
  • YapzOr
  • Puppey
  • SunBhie

Evil Geniuses

  • Arteezy
  • SumaiL
  • s4
  • Cr1t-
  • Fly
  • BuLba


  • Ame
  • Somnus丶M
  • Chalice
  • fy
  • xNova
  • QQQ

Keen Gaming

  • old chicken
  • Zhai "一"
  • eLeVeN
  • Kaka
  • dark
  • Fyms


  • Madara
  • miCKe
  • boxi
  • Taiga
  • iNSaNiA
  • Loda

Gambit Esports

  • Daxak
  • Afoninje
  • AfterLife
  • Immersion
  • fng
  • boolk

'Incredible atmosphere at Arena Birmingham'

Luckbox ambassador Paul "Redeye" Chaloner will be desk host for ESL One Birmingham 2019 and says fans who attend the event can look forward to something very special.

Redeye was desk host for the event in 2018 and said the atmosphere at Arena Birmingham was incredible.

Speaking on The Luckbox Podcast, Redeye said: "Well I mean the atmosphere last year was incredible. "I think we had a thousand people inside the arena but it felt like 25,000 people inside the arena because it was so loud. That's the first thing.


"Second thing is a bit like Call of Duty World League a few weeks ago - there were football style chants, most of them revolving around the Brazilians because they were very popular last year.

We don't have a home team obviously and we're missing the Brazilians, which is a shame. So we'll have to adopt another team but they'll find one in the group stages and then go to the arena.

"It will usually be one that's got lots of bravado that maybe is a little bit underdog like there will be one of those teams. And now just adopt them as their own and they'll become British just for this event. We do that a lot but there'll be chants and there'll be songs they'll be singing and there'll be some sort of balloon in the crowd.

"So just tremendous atmosphere tremendous atmosphere a lot of fun very light-hearted staff crowd really get involved they really made it last year as well as super proud to you know just to have been able to host a British Dota event.

"I was super proud to go along and be in front of those people and I was super humble had my own little fan club at the front the debt 20 people a little crowd cheering 'Redeye'. I was just like, 'What are you doing? Watch the the game! It was very humbling and just such an amazing event."