ESL launches its first women's circuit for CS:GO

ESL takes a step forward for women in its new circuit with its new #GGFORALL initiative. The circuit will take place throughout 2022 and will have a total prize pool of $500,000. The circuit will comprise two leagues for Europe and North America, standalone tournaments and cash up events. Eight women-only teams from each region will compete for a $75,000 prize for every season.

The top three teams from each league will qualify without any preliminaries for the offline finals taking place during DreamHack Dallas and DreamHack Winter. The teams won’t be solely from Europe and North America though, they will be joined by two additional squads qualified from Asia and South America.

ESL also has announced that ESEA, the company’s matchmaking service, will include ESL Cash Cups for women’s teams, giving teams with full women rosters the opportunity to compete twice a month for a share of the $4,000 prize pool.

Official roadmap for ESL CS:GO Women’s Circuit 2022

ESL is going forward with its #GGFORALL initiative

This is not all of it too, in addition, ESL is going forward with its #GGFORALL initiative to provide a better platform for all players.

ESL’s Senior Vice President of People and Culture, Roberta Hernandez states: “This is only the first part of a number of #GGFORALL initiatives we are currently working on and we can’t wait to tell you more about what is yet to come.”

This will surely have a ripple effect on other organizations as well and kickstart numerous women only teams aside from rejuvenating the CS:GO’s women scene. Not only #GGFORALL initiative is staying there;  it’s also creating a women’s player council that will work for an equal environment and further develop the gaming culture for the better, and also a talent program for women broadcasters for future competitions.

Women’s voices to be heard in esports

Surely it will be for the better for women’s voices to be heard both literally and figuratively in an environment dominated by their men counterparts.

Brian Krämer, General Manager, CS:GO at ESL Gaming, and Charlie Sirc, Product Manager at ESL Gaming in a joint statement: “At ESL Gaming we truly believe in a world where everybody can be somebody, so going back to the grassroots level and creating an all-new ecosystem to ensure ambitious women CS:GO players are given equal chances is a great step forward.

It is still sad that we need a safe ecosystem for women to compete in a non-toxic environment, where it's necessary to start from scratch to avoid match manipulation and toxicity and women-only teams being regarded as publicity stunts. But then again one step at a time and it will make all the difference.

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