ESL is reportedly looking to create its own annual Dota 2 circuit

The ESL is reportedly making plans to radically overhaul its Dota 2 tournaments and is intending to combine its various events into a single global circuit, which is intended to complement Valve's existing Dota Pro Circuit.

ESL to launch its own Dota Pro Circuit claims report

That's according to reporter Richard Lewis, who has obtained a document outlining ESL's plans, which was reportedly circulated to teams at the Lima Major as a pitch for the new circuit. The proposal, which warned that the details were subject to change, covered the next two years and featured an expanded prize pool and an overhaul of the world ranking system. Additionally, Lewis claims the document suggested providing financial incentives for teams to participate, though it did not go into further details on this.

The document reportedly outlined plans to combine DreamLeague, ESL One the Riyadh Masters into a single "global circuit," which is intended to complement Valve's existing DPC and The International. The document, which laid out the upcoming calendar for the next two years, had the Riyadh Masters taking place in July.

According to Lewis, teams will qualify for the Riyadh Masters through DreamLeague, in which sixteen teams will compete remotely over a two-week tournament, fighting over a $1 million prize pool. Invites to the event will be distributed via world ranking, with the broadcast being hosted in Stockholm.

ESL One meanwhile will return to being an in-person event, and will stick to the existing qualifier and invite format. According to the report, the next iteration of the event is due to take place in Thailand and will feature a $1 million prize pool. It is not yet clear how ESL One will tie into the Riyadh Masters.

The Riyadh Masters itself meanwhile will be the final event of the new tour, and will be an arena-based tournament taking place over a matter of "weeks." It has already been revealed that Gamers8 intends to absorb the tournament into its  Land of Heroes festival, which will run for eight weeks from July 8. According to the document, the Riyadh Masters will feature the highest prize pool outside of The International.

It seems clear from the document that ESL is intending their circuit to exist alongside Valve's DPC, rather than directly competing with it. This means that Dota 2 fans could soon have a more heavily-packed Dota 2 esports scene than ever before.

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