ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 begins

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022, which is an important opportunity for CS:GO teams chasing the upper level, including familiar ones, starts in two days.

Today we will take a look at the teams, favourites and opening matches of the tournament. So let's start.

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 Group A

  • MOUZ
  • Movistar Riders
  • Eternal Fire
  • Nixuh

Generally, the competition in Group A seems to revolve between the three teams. MOUZ is the strongest of the group, while Movistar Riders is the biggest contender for second place. Eternal Fire, on the other hand, will be eliminated from the tournament in third place, but there is definitely a possibility of entering the top two.

Nixuh will be the group's surprise chaser. I don't think they can perform very well against the other three teams.

The rosters of the teams do not include any players who will play for their team for the first time. For this reason, it is not difficult to make predictions about the group. However, we will see together whether the predictions will be correct or not.

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Credit: ESL

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 Group B

  • ENCE
  • Outsiders
  • Fluxo
  • Team oNe

The top two in Group B seem almost certain. I think Outsiders will be first and ENCE second, but both teams have the strength to beat each other.

For third place, I would say Team oNe eSports used to be my favourite, but Fluxo has been outperforming Team oNe eSports lately so I think they will be third.

We haven't seen a roster change in teams lately in Group B either. In general, it looks like we will watch a tournament close to our expectations.

Prize pool

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 has a prize pool of $100,000. The most important prize will be for getting first place. The winner of the tournament will qualify for the ESL Pro League Conference Season 17 which means a chance to participate in ESL Pro League Season 17.

Place USD Qualifies To
1st $50,000 EPL Conference S17
2nd $20,000 --
3rd-4th $10,000
5th-6th $3,000
7th-8th $2,000


The group stage of ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 will be played on October 14-15. In the playoff stage, both the semifinals and the grand final will be with us on October 16. You can follow the competition of your favourite teams in ESL Challenger at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 on Luckbox.