ESIC chief Ian Smith speaks on CSGO cheat forsaken's ban


ESIC chief Ian Smith has described the five-year ban for CSGO cheat forsaken as "right and in proportion".

Nikhil 'forsaken' Kumawat was banned from all esports-related activity for five years after cheating during the ESL India Premiership last month.

The ban imposed by ESIC - the Esports Integrity Coalition - came after the player was also caught cheating during the eXTREMESLAND 2018 Asia Finals.

Some fans felt a five-year ban was too lenient for the 23-year-old pro but ESIC integrity commissioner Smith described the decision as "right".

Speaking as a guest on The Luckbox Podcast, he said: "Yes cheating is abhorrent and I completely understand the community's reaction but five years in the context of traditional sports sanctions for cheating is actually very harsh.

"A lifetime ban is up there with major match-fixing scandals, second offences and third offences.

"You could have steroided yourself to the gills and won an Olympic gold medal in the 100m men's final and you would not get banned for doing that if it was your first offence, for as long as we have banned forsaken for using a software hack.

"So I'm comfortable that we've got this right and in proportion.

"I have tremendous sympathy for the community's desire to punish these people but it's not my job to enforce mob rule, it's my job to be reasonable, proportionate and follow due process.

"At the end of the day do what's right for esports and, in my view, five years is right."

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James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.

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