ESEA Season 39 Premier Divisions continue nonstop in three regions

Three different ESEA Season 39 Premier Division tournaments, which will determine the three teams that will take part in ESL Pro League Conference Season 16, continue at full speed.

The three teams that will take part in Conference Season 16 will fight for a place in the ESL Pro League Season 16 group stage there as well.

ESEA Season 39: Premier Division - North America

17 teams compete in North America. The prize pool is $50,000. ESEA Season 39: Premier Division North America, which started on November 2, and will conclude on December 19. The winner will be eligible to participate in the EPL Conference S16 as well as the $20,000 prize. The playoffs for the North American division will begin on December 15 at 02:00 CET. When we look at the group, we see strong names such as Bad News Bears, Triumph, paiN Gaming, Extra Salt. The fact that only one team will win the EPL Conference S16 ticket will intensify the things.

You can check out the list of 17 teams below.

  • Bad News Bears
  • Team One
  • Party Astronauts
  • Extra Salt
  • RBG Esports
  • Strife Esports
  • ChocoCheck
  • ONET4P
  • Triumph
  • paiN Gaming
  • Eros
  • ATK
  • Detonate
  • Limitless (DQ)
  • Northern Forces
  • Springroll
  • Big Chillin

ESEA Season 39: Premier Division - Europe

Looking at the participants, we can say that the leading teams are here, in the European division. The European division's prizes and number of participants are exactly the same as the North American division. In addition, the Premier Divisions of all regions started and will end on the same date. Europe's playoffs will be with us on December 14 at 19:00 CET.

Below you can find the list of European Premier Division teams with strong teams like Entropiq, forZe, Movistar Riders. Who is your favourite team in this group?

  • Entropiq
  • forZe
  • Sinners Esports
  • AGO
  • Anonymo Esports
  • Team BLINK
  • Double Poney
  • Wisła Kraków
  • Team LDLC
  • Sprout
  • SAW
  • Team GamerLegion
  • Team Finest
  • 1win
  • Movistar Riders
  • CPH Flames
  • Nemiga Gaming

ESEA Season 39: Premier Division - Australia

16 teams compete in the Australian division. The reward is much smaller than in other regions. It has a prize pool of $6,500. The playoffs of the tournament, which has the same start and end dates as other regions, will start on December 14 at 10:00 CET. So the first playoffs we will watch will be Australia's playoffs. When we look at the Australian division, many important teams welcome us. ex-FURY, LookingForOrg, Paradox Esports, ORDER and VERTEX Esports Club are just some of them. Although the prize is much lower than other divisions, the ESL Pro League Conference Season 16 ticket is vital. It is obvious that we will see a great competition on this road.

Below you can see the sixteen teams in the Australian division.

  • LookingForOrg
  • VERTEX Esports Club
  • Overt
  • Paradox Esports
  • Alke
  • ex-FURY
  • ex-Lese Esports
  • Hazard Esports
  • Dynasty ESC
  • yellow
  • Collateral eSports
  • 8Ballers
  • Apocalypse
  • Kanga Esports
  • Caught off Guard

Dozens of teams, three different regions, and three teams to take part in EPL Conference S16, which teams do you support? You can watch and bet all matches of ESEA Season 39 on Luckbox. Don't forget to also check out our tournaments page.