EPL Conference Season 15: Schedule and bettings odds

The EPL Conference Season 15, part of the ESL Pro League series, kicks off on November 23.

Sixteen teams will participate in the tournament with few teams showing promise as well as the willingness to cement themselves in the upper echelons of the CS:GO esports.

Which teams will participate in EPL Conference Season 15?

Teams across different countries and regions will participate and set a fierce competition in the online tournament. Here’s the list of the teams that are going to participate in the $27,000 tournament.

  • Extra Salt (DH Open June NA)
  • Team Renewal (DH Open June Asia)
  • GODSENT (DH Open September NA)
  • Sharks Esports (DH Open September SA)
  • Renegades (DH Open September OCE)
  • MAD Lions (DH Open November)
  • Anonymo Esports (ESEA S38 EU Premier #2)
  • RBG Esports (ESEA S38 NA Premier #3)
  • ORDER (ANZ Champs)
  • Endpoint (Premiership)
  • Sprout (Meisterschaft)
  • Wisła Kraków (Mistrzostwa Polski)
  • Movistar Riders (Masters España)
  • Team LDLC (Championnat National)
  • Eternal Fire (Türkiye Şampiyonası)
  • eClub Brugge (Benelus/Swiss Play-In)

Opening matches of EPL Conference Season 15

MAD Lions - EC Brugge (November 23 - 13:30 CET)
Sharks - Team LDLC (November 23 - 13:30 CET)
Extra Salt - Sprout (November - 23 16:45 CET)
Renegades - Team Renewal (November 23 - 16:45 CET)
Godsent - Wisła Kraków (November 23 - 16:45 CET)
Eternal Fire - Endpoint (November 23 - 20:00 CET)
ORDER - Anonymo (November 23 - 20:00 CET)
Movistar Riders - RBG Esports (November 23 - 20:00 CET)

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EPL Conference Season 15 schedule

Opening matches start on November 23. The tournament will end on November 28. In addition to the prize pool at EPL Conference Season 15, teams are also competing for the ESL Pro League Season 15 group stage invite.

In total, three group stage invites are up for grabs. Two teams will qualify through the upper bracket matches to be played on November 26, while one team will qualify through the lower bracket finals to be played on November 28..

From November 23 to November 28, competitions are scheduled everyday without a break.

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