oBo and dephh give Complexity fans hope as ECS7 Finals go live

Alex “Waldo” Waldherr, a Luckbox community member, a Counter-Strike connoisseur and CompLexity Gaming fan, on the North American's decision to recruit 15-year-old oBo for ECS7 Finals in London

Huge news out of NA this week that has nothing to do with the new world number one. One of the most seasoned IGLs that NA has ever had, Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz, is choosing to step down from the active roster of Complexity to make way for a new young talent. Dephh will be taking the reins as the IGL at ECS7 Finals in front of his home crowd in London.


I personally wish the best to Peter going forward, I’m sure he’ll find a new team to lead in no time. He handled this situation with pure class and demonstrated maturity that any organization would love to have at the helm of their team.

oBo's chance to shine

But who will fill that vacancy? Enter Owen “oBo” Schlatter, a controversial young star who broke YouTube with his ridiculous aim with the AK and the Deagle alike. The 15-year-old has drawn cheating accusations just like highly skilled young stars before him (ropz coming to mind first and foremost), but his FPL ascension caught the eye of COL in spite of the doubters, and he was linked to the team as early as when they were seeking a replacement for Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert. He may be young, his voice on stream is surely squeaky, but there’s no doubt that he’s a very gracious kid with a seemingly good head on his shoulders.

One of my good friends, MandeepCSGO caught up with Ricky “Rickeh” Mulholland in London before the ECS7 festivities began. Rickeh revealed that Peter’s decisions were made after the second stage of the ESL Pro Series, which saw Complexity lose 2-1 to both MIBR and a surging Isurus, who are featuring a young star of their own, Ignacio “meyern” Meyer.

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Rickeh could not confirm anything about how long oBo has been practising with the squad, or how long dephh has had to adjust to his new role as IGL, but sounded to be very cheerful and optimistic about the team’s capabilities going forward. How could he not be? OBo has topped the FPL leaderboards consistently in the past months and has a ridiculous amount of potential.

If he can consistently play well with a random assortment of players, just imagine how good he’ll be when he learns to play off of consistent teammates and vice versa. Complexity have always seemed to be one of the best teams in the world when it comes to stealing rounds that they shouldn't be able to win with just upgraded pistols, expect that to continue with oBo’s formidable Deagle now a part of their eco round arsenal.

Crossroads for Complexity?

Regardless of what happens in their first round match with Vitality, it will be exciting to see two young stars squaring off with their veteran supporting core around them. ZywOo has brought his team to new heights and justified the hype surrounding him. Now all eyes turn to Complexity for what could be a huge turning point for the North American squad that has been consistently plagued with roster changes since the FACEIT Major.

Time will tell how oBo will stack up against the masterful millennials who have made their transitions to the pro scene already, but if he can replicate his FPL play on LAN, then he’ll take his rightful place alongside Brollan, sergej, blameF, and the aforementioned French and Argentine starlets as a torchbearer for the generation that never knew CS Source or 1.6.

Complexity vs Vitality in the first round at ECS Season 7 Finals is due to start at 1pm BST / 2pm CEST.