EA and Codemasters announce F1 22 release date

The release date for the brand-new official Formula One game has been revealed by Codemasters and Electronic Arts.

According to publisher Electronic Arts, F1 Life is "a new arena for you to unlock and show off supercars, apparel, accessories, and more for the world to see." Seems like they are going for a micro transaction route here and that surely doesn’t inspire confidence in fans because this implies more battle pass bling and microtransactions than a new option or extension of the game's famous career mode.

Commenters on Reddit's F1 thread queried as to why EA and developer Codemasters couldn't bring back traditional competitive vehicles, which were last shown and driveable in most modes in F1 2020.

“Classic F1 cars would make it so much better,” “It’s an F1 game, not a normal car game.”

Wrote one of the subredditors.

F1 2020 was the first game in the series to include the Podium Pass, which is essentially a calendar of tiered rewards which unlocked cosmetics for usage across many modes. Pitcoin, a supplementary currency introduced that year, is required for players to purchase each season. Pitcoin is purchased with actual money and is occasionally granted in one of the Podium Pass' tiers.

F1 22's release on Thursday also promised "the ability to choose between immersive and broadcast style Formation Laps, Safety Car periods, and Pit Stops." This suggests that presenter David Croft and analyst Anthony Davidson's commentary will be expanded beyond pre-race grid introductions and post-race driver-of-the-day awards. Before we had no audio from the duo throughout the race so it would be a nice addition to hear their commentary throughout the notoriously long F1 competitions.

Adaptive AI allows less-experienced players to take on the challenge, with AI racers customised to their skill level, while intuitive menus and handling are also back for those who want to get right into the action.

Redesigned practise programmes provide more variation this time around, while 'My Team' returns, giving players a choice of beginning budget and three entrance situations.

The 10-year career mode, as well as the two-player career mode and the epic online multiplayer mode, are all back.

Also the new F1 Life will allow the players to don a variety of outfits and cosmetics. Up to this point the cosmetics in the Podium Pass include a custom-made driver's racing outfit, helmet, and gloves, as well as decals for the multiplayer and career mode cars. In terms of attire and accessories, the F1 series has never featured scenes in which its drivers appear in street clothing, whether F1 Life means a new series of cutscenes showcasing these unlocked modifications as drivers go through the paddock on their way to practise or qualifying remains to be a mystery.