DWG KIA’s 2022 League of Legends roster changed drastically

One of the most impressive teams in the last few years, DWG KIA, is having the biggest roster change in their history. After keeping the same roster for two years and changing only the top lane for 2021, DWG KIA introduced three new starters for their 2022 League of Legends team. Why did they choose to do so and who are these new players? Let’s meet the team.

Even if DK wanted to keep all five players, there was one they couldn’t: Khan. As a South Korean, the time for Khan to join the army had come and he chose to not avoid it by simply finding a Chinese team. His decision was to retire. Even then, DK wouldn’t be able to keep him, as they play in South Korea. Thus, they would have to make a change in the top lane department for the second time. What about bot lane?

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DWG KIA in 2021

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After winning Worlds 2020 with one of the most dominant streaks in League of Legends history, DWG KIA (DAMWON Gaming before 2021) was already an iconic name in the game. However, Nuguri took the route many Korean LoL players took before and moved to China, leaving DWG KIA without a top laner.

At that point, DK introduced Khan, who left FPX, which Nuguri joined. Khan was a legend in League of Legends and South Korea, thus, although it was a downgrade, it wasn’t too bad. With Khan, DK won both splits of LCK in 2021 and played MSI and Worlds finals. However, they couldn’t win any of them.

You could put the blame on anyone you want. Some people didn’t like how Canyon performed in Worlds 2021, some people didn’t like ShowMaker, most people despised the bot lane. However, Khan’s performance was appreciated by everyone. It was the last dance, and he did deserve the Worlds trophy he most dearly yearned for.

Khan had to retire without a Worlds trophy, but after coming back from the army, he will join DWG KIA as a streamer.

New transfers

After the disappointment at Worlds, DWG KIA decided to make some changes in the team. Most players had their contract running out, including Canyon and ShowMaker. However, the iconic duo wanted to play together, which was lucky for DK. They will keep Canyon and SM, and build the roster around them.

And they did. By bringing in Gen.G’s young top laner Burdol and Nongshim RedForce’s -which surprised everyone with their performance in 2021- bot lane, they built the DWG KIA 2022 edition. Is this one stronger, or do they have more flaws? You decide. My advice is to watch LCK, as I am really curious to see how they will turn out. Find the full roster and coaching staff below:




Top Laner




Mid Laner


Bot Laner




Head Coach





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