Dota 2: Drow Ranger remodel coincides with Mars gameplay update

Dota 2 fans got the news they had been waiting for with the arrival of new hero Mars but there was also a nice surprise from Valve as a Drow Ranger remodel was also released.

Valve had teased the arrival of Mars since January and the first new hero since August last year finally arrived on March 5. While all eyes were on the new melee, carry, initiator, disabler, durable hero, there was also an added bonus for the community.

Traxex, the Drow Ranger, the carry agility hero, has been given a remodel and, it seems to have gone down well with fans.

A single paragraph at the foot of the Mars gameplay update read: "Never one to seek the spotlight, Drow Ranger thought to sneak into the lanes without announcing her redesigned model, but the glory of Mars’s arrival has shone a light across the battlefield that not even Traxex can escape."

Drow Ranger remodel comparison

She doesn't look like she's spent her whole life horseback riding with chronic shoulder pain anymore, that's nice.

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A nice surprise

Dota fans reacted on Reddit at Twitter to the Drow Ranger remodel.

Senorragequit: "It's a nice surprise, to be honest. Thanks for that, Valve!"


TONKAHANAH: "Her new default definitely has made all past skins looks like garbage. I want new remodeled for all heroes now.. Shit looks so good."

SQAWRK!: "Lol, her default model now looks better then most sets."


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